Motorsport with Attitude 2020

In 2020 we see Motorsport with Attitude back at the East of England Showground! And after being a part of a successful first year we can’t wait to go again!

1st & 2nd February 2020, Brisca V8 Hotstox look forward to having our drivers and cars supporting the event on show in the hall and out having a play in the live action show!

So far in the Live action show we have, #222 Guy Jolly, our novice of the year 2019 #10 Gilen bullock, #507 Luke Smith, #376 Stephen Young and V8 Veteran #355 Bryan Andrew out on the track to entertain you over the weekend!
Also putting their 2020 season ready cars in the showroom for you to have a look around we have two of our lady racers, #525 Amy Jagger coming off her best season in the Hotstox yet and one of our new girls #553 Dannie Schoales! You’ll also be able to find our 2019 World Champions car, #1 Olly Spencer, in the Hall of Champions!

For tickets and extra event information head get too

And for any drivers, cars or teams from the Hotstox wanting to get involved and be part of the show please contact Guy Jolly!