#355 Quarantine Q&A

We’re into week 5 of the pandemic lockdown, we hope everyone is keeping well and safe! Hope your weekends aren’t too hard to fill without having racing keeping everyone busy. We had a great catch up with our lady drivers on how they’re keeping during the lockdown period in this months SCm (2020#03 late April). And on Saturday evening (25/04/20) we were able to grab one of our true Hotstox Veterans for a chin wag! With us having just celebrated 36 years of the V8 Hotstox #355 Bryan Andrew is the perfect person for a catch up having 32 years of hotstox experience under his racing belts!

Hi Bryan! We’ve just celebrated 36 years of V8 Hotstox 🎉 Being a true Hotstox veteran, when did you first come into the Hotstox? And what drew you in to make you want to race them?

I started back in 1988 when we bought my first car. We had been to the old belle vue at the end of 87 to watch. Always wanted to race but f1 seemed to dear. Sold a tractor I used on the road and went racing

Going into it did you see yourself being in it for all these years?

I did have thoughts of moving up to f1 but didn’t get the success to warrant moving on. Still enjoy it now as when I first started. Seen a lot of drivers come and go and like making new friends

Alot of fans may not know you had a number change! When did 35 become 355?

In 95 I was late to register and they gave my number to an f1 guy called Neil Shenton so went for 355

With all the drivers you’ve raced against over the years, past or present, have any stood out to you? Good or bad?

In the very early years always looked up to 409 rob maw as he made it look so easy on shale which was my best surface. Then in the mid 90’s I saw Keith chambers as very  quick. There was a few you had to check your mirrors with , 454 Phil haigh, 190 Lenny wolfenden.
Nowerdays there is a lot of good and bad drivers which there always has been.
Some are good but just seem to loose there head at times.

Do you have any race highlights that stick with you?

First win is always there , long Eaton shaleway . Then there was the time I went through the ropes at the IOM by Phil haigh
All the runner up spots in world and British races. My one and only championship awards Buxton track champion.

When you first Started in the Hotstox did you set yourself any goals for your racing career? And have you managed to achieve them?

Always wanted to win a championship and still do that’s what keeps me going really. Always wanted to be up at the top of the sport and stay there .
After all it took about 3 months till I finished a race when I first started , but there was about 30 plus cars in a race in them days .

Minus the car numbers 🙈 what would you say is one of the biggest changes in the Hotstox since you started out?

The quality of the cars that are turned out now is so high, early days people where still fixing there cars when they got to the meetings . As with every spirt there is always someone willing to put more money in that you .

And over the years we’ve gained and lost tracks! Where over the years would you say have been your best and worst tracks?

We all have a bogey track mine would be Coventry as always tried to win in front of that great crowd , Buxton would be my best track as it’s my local one and always prep my car 100% for there
With tracks I always have tried to race at every new track that comes along . I’ve raced at most of them !

Is there anywhere that you’ve not been able to race that you would like to race at?

Old belle vue was always a dream , but in reality the Dutch scene looks really great maybe a trip there either the field racing or venray.

Do you think the Hotstox will ever get back over to race in Holland?

Hope so we just need some contacts over there who are willing to give us a go . When we last went we had a great time at baarlo and gendt and all wanted another trip

Have you had a preferred race surface to race on?

Really enjoy shale as I have had some great races with the shale kings Daz Cotty and guy jolly but my success has been in tarmac

The season is normally in full swing by now! Is there anything your missing about racing?

Everything , I don’t do much else so finding it hard at the moment. With the last couple of season being short ones due to 2 knee operations I was really looking forward to planning my meetings this year. With new tracks and speed weekends planned it had all the makings of a great year for us

How are you managing to kill all the spare time lock down has brought upon us?

We have a new transporter that was bought for this year so I have had that to do , I also have a car that was wrecked a few years ago and planned to have this out later this year but no travelling means no parts .
Failing that I have a shed full if stox mags and videos.
Shame really as I was part of a committed team that went to the MWA this year and really pushed our sport , hope it starts up soon but we need the crowd to make it worthwhile .

For when the season does get going, have you set yourself any goals for 2020?

Originally I wanted to get back to red grade , but if the season gets going earlier enough I still have the thought a championship will come my way if I keep at it.lol

A lot of drivers are taking to online racing to drive away the racing bug! Do you think you’ll be getting involved in the action?

I think it’s great what people are doing but don’t think they’d want an old man out there,I’ll stick to the real thing. Anyway the price of the games is the price of a couple of tyres.

And lastly! Thank you so much for you time! Is there anyone you would like to say thanks to?

Ok , my wife and team keep me out there, all the sponsors on the car who all help . I would also like to say a big thanks to all the people who behind the scenes keep this sport going past and present and no matter how we are treated keep at it.

Below Bryan has supplied us with some photos from his racing gallery from over the years!