Adam Joyce: World Champion

Well that’s the Gold decided! The previous Coventry World Final in 2013 was a great race with lots of lead changes, fast forward to 2016 and the C.F.Mee Haulage World Final didn’t disappoint; another quality, equally entertaining race, receiving rave reviews on the internet! The track suffering from down pours throughout the day, had a quick regrading to ensure the best of surfaces as possible. With pomp and ceremony surrounding the event making it feel all the more special, just as good as the F1 World Final event, in my opinion.

32 V8 Hotstox grid for the big race as dusk settled on the Coventry raceway; an action packed 25 laps saw drama, multiple lead changes and a first class, read the full report in the latest Stock Car Magazine, but here read eventual winner Adam Joyce (157) account of the big race:

“Before the race was horrendous actually, all the week leading up to it, I had a really weird feeling; half excitement and half nerves, I never get nervous so didn’t know if it was a good thing or bad. Ivan Pritchard and a couple of others just said it’s just another race, but it wasn’t for me.”

“Just before the race though, I spoke to Steve Shaw and he put things straight for me, but I can’t say what he said as to be honest the whole night is kind of a blur now. I don’t know if that was the celebratory drink or just the emotion.”

“For the race itself I knew what I had to do, get a good start and hopefully have a gap, which in fact worked, all week I was in my mind thinking about that first corner, not just someone putting me in, but more out braking myself or spinning it actually. The car didn’t turn well into the first corner actually, down to brakes not being 100% setup as it is a multi-surface car and the previous meeting was on tarmac. I managed to get around that by winding more and more brake into the car. I thought, this is going great a couple of cautions in and I’m still in the lead.”

“Then that changed and fair play to Sam Mee, he gave me a good hit, I managed to hold it (ish) and come out of the loose in 5th or 6th and that’s when my race got interesting, as I had nothing to lose and got my head down. I surprised myself how quickly I caught up, especially back on to Kev and Jon brown

“That all ended up with the luck and fortune with me for a change; Jon went over my front wheel, then to spin on the infield which collected Kev too. Amazing, I was clear!

“From there on it was just down to the car to be able to make it to victory lane and that it did. Parked it up Champion, a dream come true.”

“Since winning the World Final, we are still in celebration; team effort success. I’ve received an overwhelming amount of congratulations and comments which is very much appreciated, so I thank each and everyone. I just didn’t realise that many people would watch the race, but obviously having F1s on helped but even F1 drivers to watch it, says something about the sport in my eyes. It is a great formula and in respect a great stock car racing sport which we all love. I thank every driver on that track to make it such a great race and special thanks to the overseas drivers.”

“I wouldn’t want to go on, but most importantly I just really want to thank everyone that has helped me over the years, especially my team. The crew chief Ivan Pritchard and this World Final wouldn’t of been possible without him. He has been a top man in helping over the last couple of years in all the time and effort he puts in to me and the sport, he’s a credit. Also his family as they’ve welcomed me with open arms: Ang, Mia and Sheree. To my family, for putting up with me and supporting me all the way through my racing; Mum, Dad, my bro James and Honey. Not forgetting the mechanics Chris, little Wayne, Steph, Lenny, Big Ron, Marky Mark, Loo, Stumpy and my wing man 160 Nick Blach.”
“I also wouldn’t be here without my sponsors obviously: Mint Kid Racing, Jones Skip Hire, J Joyce transport, Stuart Hodson tyres, Motorglaze, DBJ transport, P Bartram Grab Loaders, 1 Stop Performance, AKA transporters, Riverside Car Sales, KPH tyres, Motorcure, Arbee signs and my engine builder Ron Atkinson aka ‘Big Ron’.. I  thank you all as you’ve made my dream come true and now we can all hold our heads high and wear that gold wing together #1.”
“I hope I make everyone proud and be a great world champion. We are in process of arranging a party at the end of the racing year and all are invited we’ll keep you informed. Thank you all team 157.”

Read the full race report in the latest Stock Car Magazine, out now!

Credit to Photographer Colin Casserley