Belle Vue 8th April 2014

Boswell takes WQ

After the excellent early season meetings in March there was a couple of weeks break until our next meeting – a mid week Half term Tuesday session at Belle Vue. As always seems to be the case at Belle Vue the crowd was of a good size and they witnessed a great meeting. Car numbers were a little less than what we had expected due to car/ work/ transport issues on the day, none the less 14 cars ventured to the Manchester venue and they didn’t disappoint.


All 14 cars made Heat 1; novice drivers Steph Seddon (151) and Andy Jones (209) started at the back of the grid meaning Marc Holmes (497) started pole from yellow. At the start Holmes took the lead and came under instant pressure from Sam Wainwright (227) who launched attacks into both turns on the first lap. Bryan Andrew (355) and Simon Sykes (64) were in trouble when both drivers went for a spin in turn 3. Local driver Mike Lomax (269) was on a clear mission and he bundled Jay Kellett (439) and Michael Boswell (328) out wide together in; Guy Jolly’s (222) bad luck continued and he retired to the middle after only a handful of laps. Phoebe Wainman (211) was once again showing her new found form for 2014 and she made a move on Holmes for the lead. Holmes never one to give up easy returned the compliment to Wainman the next bend. This had slowed down the leading duo and allowed Lomax to close in; Lomax caught the back inside of Holmes and the 497 machine went round into a spin in turn 3. It was soon the halfway stage and Sykes bundled the recovering Holmes wide into turn 1. Rob Scriven (117) and Darren Cottrill (575) were locked in battle in the closing laps both attacking the others back bumper when the opportunity presented itself. As the laps wound down Lomax had found a way passed Wainman to take the lead, but the battle for third hotted up; heading into the last lap Cottrill, Scriven and Boswell were all together with Wainwright and Karl Hawkins (175) close by. At the last bend Boswell and Scriven collided holding each other up and Hawkins shunted Wainwright wide in the commotion. Cottrill took third ahead of Hawkins snatching fourth, followed by Wainwright and the recovering Scriven and Boswell behind.


Heat 2 and all 14 cars returned. Sam Wainwright (227) took up the mantle of pole position at the green flag Simon Sykes (64) and Rob Scriven (117) were in trouble straight away, when both drivers collided into the turn 3 fence. The leading yellow grade duo exchanged bumpers and places allowing Phoebe Wainman (211) once again to close in. Wainman got by into the lead but once again greeted by an attack on her back bumper from Marc Holmes (497). Lomax once again on a charge bundled Jay Kellett (439) out wide in to turn 1, before offering the same courtesy to Holmes a couple of laps later causing Holmes to collect the turn 1 fence. Holmes too eager gave it too much right into the next turn and spun. Karl Hawkins (175) sent Darren Cottrill (575), Wainwright and Sykes all together wide out towards the turn 3 fence, as Sykes and Cottrill recovered the pair hooked up on the outside of the exit to turn 3 and remained stuck together there for a few laps, taking them both out of contention. Lomax had spent the race closing down Wainman and in the last few laps caught and shunted Wainman wide in turn 3 allowing Lomax to take the lead and eventually the win.


Final time and 13 cars remerged to do battle; with just Guy Jolly (222) missing the start due to engine issues. White grader Andy Jones (209) in his first meeting had the confidence to start at the front and took up pole position. At the green flag the star grade drivers seemingly declaring war on each other and none were giving an inch. Simon Sykes (64) after a luckless night lunged at the back of Mike Lomax (269). Bryan Andrew offered Sykes the same compliment into turn 1. Sykes once again then lunged at Lomax moving the double heat winner aside. Sykes would then be on the receiving end of Lomax as 269 struck the back of 64 into turn 1. Darren Cottrill (575) not far away from the action also got involved and sent Sykes and himself out into the turn 3 wires. Marc Holmes (497) and Phoebe Wainman (211) came out turn 4 side by side and the pair momentarily hooked up causing Holmes to strike the home straight fence, Holmes bounced out the wires in to the on coming traffic and he was collected by Lomax at full speed. This prompted a cautionary period; thankfully Holmes was ok after the nasty looking incident. On the restart Sam Wainwright  (227) was the one to lead the charge followed by Michael Boswell (328).  Karl Hawkins (175) struck the back of the Lomax machine into turn 3. Kellett was making progress through the field and spun Wainman in turn 3, causing Wainman to retire from the race. Kellett was straight back in the thick of the action and he lunged at Cottrill and Bryan Andrew (355) wide into turn 1 shortly after. Hawkins was still on the attack and spun the Lomax machine out of contention exiting turn 3. The halfway stage was signalled and the race started to settle. Sykes once again found himself in trouble and he spun around just as Cottrill returned the favour to Kellett sending the 439 car out into the turn 1 fence.  As the laps wound down Boswell held a clear lead over Rob Scriven (117) in second and Cottrill had worked his way up into third. Wainwright and Andrew entered the last lap together and the plucky yellow grader Wainwright attacked Andrew in the last bend to snatch fourth position. Just seven finishers signalled the race was a damaging action packed affair, with newcomer Steph Seddon (151) keeping out of trouble and finished in 7th position