Birmingham 20th June 2015

Jacksons First

30 V8 Hotstox ventured to Birmingham Wheels Raceway for the first time of 2015 on Saturday 20th June, racing for the Incarace Gold Cup; 2 cars side lined for the night after problems in practise – 28 cars doing battle in the meeting.

27 cars grid for the first race, Amy Jagger (525) leading the field off; the cluster of whites setting the tone, battling at the start. Glyn Daft (96) planted Darren Cottrill (575) out wide in turn 3 whilst Jagger and Tristan Jackson (101) were better acquainted in turn 1; Simon Sykes (64) locked horns with Kevin Stuchbury (1) jostling for position. Dave Brawn (377) came to a slow stop catching out Olly Spencer (498) and Jackson. The battle between Sykes and Stuchbury raged on; the battling duo heading across the turn 1 rumble strips; Sykes catching the worst of the altercation with a spin in the turn. Bryan Andrew (355) shunted Daft wide into turn 3 taking Vince Stone (471) wide in the process. Halfway now signalled to leader Sam Roper (333). Rob Jacklin (136) snookered Kevin Stuchbury (1) and Darren Cottrill (575) in turn 3. Jagger went round into a spin in turn 3 and was in turn collected by Nick Blach (160) and Sam Jacklin (137). James Cobley (309) attacked for the lead taking Roper wide just before the waved yellows were called for a collection of cars all around the raceway; in particular the stricken Jagger machine. Cobley, Phoebe Wainman (211) and Hayley Williams (26) the leading trio on the restart. The restart saw Cobley lose the lead to Wainman who worked her by in to the first turn; Williams not wanting to lose out too much time went to make a move; and lunged in on to Cobley; Williams locking the brakes had nowhere to go and with Cobley ended in a heap; Williams perched on the top of the 309 machine. Heading in to the final stages; Wainman held advantage over Stuchbury in second, with 1 lap to go Stuchbury had closed enough on Wainman to make an attack in to turn 1. The pair side by side down the back straight; Stuchbury slowing to keep Wainman on the outside. Wainman pre-empting the tactic; slammed the brakes and tucked in behind Stuchbury and duly left It all on and lunged in on the World Champion in the final bend; Wainman taking a popular win ahead of Stuchbury in front of a crowd that quite clearly enjoyed the race.

Result:  211 1 139 478 575 298 96 423 376 136

Heat 2; drew 24 cars to the grid after a few sidelined, but the addition of Heidi Coleano (177) making her career debut. Nick Blach (160) starting pole led the field off; Phoebe Wainman (211) quickly went on the attack punting Glyn Daft (96) wide as Simon Sykes (64) offered the same treatment to Kevin Stuchbury (1) catching Bryan Andrew (355) in the process. Olly Spencer (498) bundled a group of yellow graders into turn 3 as Stephen Young (176) was left stranded around the top of the corner. Stuchbury shunted his way by Wainman. Sykes lunged Gary Jackson (423) wide as Wainman offered the same treatment to Sykes.  Wainman then pressured Andrew and Rob Jacklin (136) in to turn 3 just before the halfway stage. A hard charging Stuchbury was making his way through the order, bundling Sam Roper (333) and Blach in turn. Matthew Young (376) was taken out in turn 3 as Phoebe Wainman (211) was also took out in squabbling red grade battle. Andrew snatched fourth when he snooked Sykes in to Spencer in to turns 1 and 3. It was soon time for the chequered flag; Stuchbury taking the win ahead of a great drive from Roper in second and Tristan Jackson (101) in third; – his first meeting from the front. Blach stopped a few yards from the finish line after an altercation in the final straight; Darren Cottrill (575) and Rob Jacklin (136) the final battle to the line for tenth, a drag race which saw Jacklin end up and over the inside banking.

Result:  1 333 101 355 64 498 139 137 298 575

The Incarace Gold Cup Final saw 21 cars take to the track Stephen Young (176) starting pole position; at the drop of the green Young and Stuart Ridley (139) went for a spin in the first turn, the rest of the white graders having to take quick avoiding action. Marc Radforth (149) lunged at the back of Kevin Stuchbury (1) early on whilst Rob Jacklin (136) was spun around; Glyn Daft (96) and Radforth almost collecting the Jacklin machine. The yellows were called for the stricken Young machine. Your leader Tristan Jackson (101) from Sam Roper (333) in second with Sam Jacklin (137) behind in third. On the restart Simon Sykes (64) lunged into the back of Phoebe Wainman (211); Tom Spencer (298) offered the same treatment to Marc Radforth (149) into turn 1; as Daft took Matthew Young (376) wide in to turn 3. Jacklin (137) spun around out of contention in turn 1. The halfway stage soon signalled to leader Jackson; Roper in second and Wainman who now was placed third; the race settled down in to the second half. Wainman worked her way by Roper as the lap boards ticked by as did Stuchbury, Roper now demoted to fourth. Stuchbury lunged at the back of Wainman to take second in the third bend, the unsettled Wainman went to line up Stuchbury in to the next corner, but she in turn came under fire from Roper. At this point, leader Jackson was too far in front and took a comfortable win ahead of the World Champion Stuchbury in second and Wainman coming home third. A fine win from Jackson in his first meeting off the front of the grid; in his first year of racing; the second white top final winner in 2015; great racing.

Incarace Gold Cup Final: 101 1 211 333 64 498 355 575 423 376

16 cars returned for the Grand National; Sam Roper (333) taking up pole position; Final winner Tristan Jackson (101) taking the obligatory half a lap handicap. The start saw a tremendous opening battle between the high graders; Hayley Williams (26), Phoebe Wainman (211) and Kevin Stuchbury (1) trading paint in the opening corners; a few laps of tussling Stuchbury broke free and set off after the front runners. Olly Spencer (498) next to feel the Stuchbury bumper. Bryan Andrew (355) moving Wainman aside further down the order. Halfway as the race settled in to a rhythm, Jackson was making his way up from the back and soon found himself exchanging places with Spencer; a battle which continued to rage upto the flag. The lap boards soon shown to leader Roper; who was driving a sterling race; Stuchbury in second and Andrew in third. Eventually Stuchbury over powered the long time race leader taking over the lead with a few laps to go. Roper would hold on to second to the flag. The final change saw Spencer have the last word over Jackson, Jackson sent wide and demoted to seventh, a great drive from the back.
Result:  1 333 355 211 26 498 101 139 137 575