Birmingham 26th April 2014

Historic ladies day

27cars including 4 novice drivers arrived at Birmingham 26th April for the second visit of 2014. New drivers Paul (476) and Matthew Young (376) in nicely presented rebuilt cars along with Ben Kearton (517) in a Glyn Daft car and Simon Hughes (550) in the Bracher Hire car.


Heat 1 took to the track with all 27 cars making it out; Ryan Kembery (384) started on pole and took charge of the race at the green. The red graders quickly set about each other and a train of cars lunged at each other into the first few turns; Darren Cottrill (575) came off worse when he was sent sideways in the homestraight along the armco with Guy Jolly (222) for company. The waved yellows were called for the stranded Cottrill who had been left facing the wrong way. On the restart Hayley Williams (26) led them off whilst further down the field Chris Bracher (1) lunged at Bryan Andrew (355) and Richard Arrowsmith (179) as Kevin Stuchbury (131) moved Mike Lomax (269) aside. Phoebe Wainman (211) had made good progress through the field and was now challenging Williams for the lead and she duly moved the 26 machine over; a lap later Williams retaliated and lunged at the 211 car into turn 1. The World Champ Bracher and National points champ Stuchbury traded blows further down the order. Sam Wainwright (227) was sent round into a spin by Simon Sykes (64) with 5 laps to run; both ending in a pile together in the backstraight when they were collected by Terry Hawkins (275) necessitating the waved yellows again. Wainman led off the restart followed by Williams and Tom Spencer (298), Stuchbury piled into the back of Steve Lilley (433) as Lilley recovered he was caught by Shaun Bowman (324) and the pair came to rest up the banking in the backstraight. As the laps wound down Spencer found a way past Williams into second place, but the lady racer kept in touch with Spencer and into the last bend sent a hefty shot on the back of 298. Spencer rode the hit well; but Williams was left spun around mid turn. Wainman took the win from Spencer in second and Stuchbury third.


Result: 211 298 131 269 175 222 450 433 478 384


Heat 2 rumbled out on track with 23 cars returning. Ryan Kembery (384) once again started pole; at the green Mike Lomax (269) was straight in with the bumper on the back of Tom Spencer (298) in to turn 1 as was Sam Mee (450) into the back of Darren Cottrill (575). Kevin Stuchbury (131) shunted Simon Sykes (64) into the back of Lomax in turn 1; Guy Jolly (222) also felt the rath of the Stuchbury bumper as Jolly was moved aside too. Phoebe Wainman (211) was again making good progress through the field and snookered Gary Jackson (423) into Kembery to take second behind leader Hayley Williams (26). Jolly made good use of the front bumper sending Richard Arrowsmith (179) out wide into turn 3 taking Kembery with him; the 384 machine sent into a half spin. Wainman had caught the leader Williams and the two ladies battled it out for the lead, Wainman striking Williams hard enough to send 26 into a spin. Steph Seddon (151) was also in the mix catching Jolly’s bumper in the home straight sending her sideways across the home straight, Sykes had found a way back past Stuchbury to take fourth. As the laps wound down, Wainman increased her lead over Tom Spencer (298) who had quietly worked his way up into second ahead of Terry Hawkins (275) in third.


Result: 211 298 275 64 131 423 222 575 355 179


23 cars returned again for the feature Final race; Steph Seddon (151) took up pole position and led them off. Trouble ensued when the red graders fought for the same piece of track; hefty use of the front bumper saw Simon Sykes (64) send Mike Lomax (269) out wide; Terry Hawkins (275) and Guy Jolly (222) felt the full force of the front end of Richard Arrowsmith (179).  Kevin Stuchbury (131) made quick work of Sykes and Lomax as he muscled his way past; Sykes in turn 1 and Lomax in turn 3. Stuchbury was on a charge at this point and after a couple of laps made a move to progress further, moving Guy Jolly (222), Hawkins and Steve Lilley (433) aside. At the halfway stage, Hayley Williams (26) had a substantial lead over second place Phoebe Wainman (211) with Shaun Bowman (324) close behind. Tom Spencer (298) gained a place further back when he moved Jamie Marson (112) over. As the race settled down and Williams had a good lead still over Wainman, Bowman had dropped back a bit after being attacked by Stuchbury and Bowman was now coming under fire from Gary Jackson (423). As the lap boards were out it was tense to see if Williams would get held up enough by backmarkers to allow Wainman to strike, but at the chequered flag, both ladies drove superbly to take 1st and 2nd with Stuchbury settling for third. A career first ever win for Hayley Williams and the first ever female to win a V8 Hostox final; well done Hayley!


Result: 26 211 131 324 275 423 179 298 575 355


20 cars ventured out for the last race of the night; Hayley Williams (26) took up the hard task of the half lap handicap. A hard hitting red grade train entered the first turn at the green flag and a host of drivers collected the armco. This red grade squabble continued for the next few laps; Mike Lomax (269) attacked Terry Hawkins (275); Sam Mee (450) would then strike at Tom Spencer (298) and Richard Arrowsmith (179) took on Rob Scriven (117). Novice driver Ben Kearton (517) got it wrong in turn 3 when he ended up in a spin. Just before the halfway stage Darren Cottrill (575) was on the receiving end of a hefty shunt from Guy Jolly (222) into turn 3. Phoebe Wainman (211) was once again in the lead for the third race tonight and she held a good advantage over second place Shaun Bowman (324) in second and Kevin Stuchbury (131) in third. Bryan Andrew (355), who had quite a quiet evening by his standards; traded blows with Cottrill further down the field at 5 to go. Williams was turning a great drive from the handicap and was into a top 10 position. Williams struck the back of Andrew to try and snatch 8th place; Andrew held his line despite repeat attacks from Williams; at the last bend Jolly took a lunge for Steve Lilley (433) moving him over 5th position. Wainman taking a fine win – the last from a blue grade start.


Result: 211 131 324 275 222 433 575 355 26 64


Well done to the ladies Phoebe Wainman (211) and Hayley Williams (26) for making history- the first ever meeting of a senior formula where every race has been won by a woman – as far as we know!