Buxton 28th September 2014

Buxton 28th September 2014

Buxton Raceway Sunday 28th September hosted the final meeting ahead of the World Final with vital World Qualifying points on offer; 24 cars assembled for battle with New Zealander Rebecca Barr (NZ34p) taking up the challenge of tarmac racing ahead of the World final race; Barr at the wheel of the Jon Brown (288) machine, started from the back for her first race.

23 cars gathered for the first race where Stephen Young (176) led them off. At the drop of the green the superstars were at each other; Adam Joyce (157) the main driving force, lunged at Richard Burt (178) into turn 3 and then sent Kevin Stuchbury (131) into the wall In turn 1. Guy Jolly (222) sent Gary Jackson (423) wide just as Simon Sykes (64) did to Tom Spencer (298) in turn 3. Glyn Daft (96) was the early leader; whilst further back, Ryan Harrison (197) struck the back of Joyce into turn 3. Bryan Andrew (355) worked his way by Daft and took over the running. Shaun Bowman (324) was next to feel the full force of the front of 197 and he was sent wide around turn 3 at the halfway stage. Sykes had caught the flying Andrew machine and took a lunge for the lead. Burt and Joyce rekindled the earlier skirmish and took turns to bumper each other wide. The waved yellows were signalled for Sykes your leader, Spencer second and Andrew third on the restart with 3 laps to go. At the drop of the green, Hayley Williams (26) moved Phoebe Wainman (211) over in turn 3; then Andrew made a move for second place shunting Spencer aside. At the last lap, Burt and Joyce were still trading blows with Joyce just getting the upper hand; and Spencer beat Andrew to the line with a last bend attack, relegating Andrew to fourth as Harrison also snuck through. Sykes took the win ahead of Spencer followed by Harrison.

Result: 64 298 197 355 175 157 178 26 211 423

Heat 2 saw 23 return with the stunning new car of Alan Jackson (101) making it’s debut; at the drop of the green it saw it’s first action with a shunt off Sam Jacklin (137). Tom Spencer (298) made a move to pass Hayley Williams (26) as Rebecca Barr (NZ34p) took up the lead. It was three abreast out of turn 2 with Williams and Wainman on the inside, the pair avoided a collision with the car on the outside, but Williams was caught off guard in the swerve and she was sent into a spin on the centre, Williams quickly recovered and re-joined some way down. Bryan Andrew (355) was hard charging and moved Jacklin aside down into turn 1. Adam Joyce (157) and Richard Burt (178) continued where heat 1 left off and were exchanging paint work; whilst Ryan Harrison (197) and Kevin Stuchbury (131) did the same. Lloyd Spencer (375) using brother-in-law Terry Hawkins (275) car was leading the pack after getting by Barr. Jacklin spun around in turn 3 after an attack and whilst broadside across the track; Phoebe Wainman (211) was punted into the side of him. The halfway stage was signalled and Shaun Bowman (324) bumpered by Guy Jolly (222) just before Andrew, Stuchbury and Simon Sykes (64) fought over second place, with Andrew bumpering the two star drivers into turn 1. Andrew again tried the same manoeuvre a lap later to no avail; Stuchbury then set off after Spencer (375) moving the lower grader aside in turn 1. Steph Seddon (151) took a trip to the fence in turn 3 just before the chequered flag; Joyce making the final change to the result when he moved Glyn Daft (96) at the last turn to take seventh. Stuchbury picking up the win in front of Sykes in second and Andrew third. Barr picking up her first top ten of her visit in her first race off the front.

Result: 131 64 355 375 197 298 157 96 NZ34 423

A 21 car final took to the tracks with visitor Rebecca Barr (NZ34p) taking pole positon; he green flag was dropped and Glyn Daft (96) took the opportunity to shove Lloyd Spencer (375) and Jay Kellett (439) out wide into the first turn. A red train steamed full chat into the first turn, Simon Sykes (64) at the front took full effect catching the plating with full impact; the chaos also caught out Tom Spencer (298) and Richard Burt (178); all having to retire from the race. A caution period was called for some debris on the track; Barr having her lead eradicated led the restart; Daft second with Spencer in third. At the drop of the green, Barr came under attack from Daft into turn 1 and then again into turn 3. Stuchbury had a good restart and worked his way by Bryan Andrew (355) but Andrew fought back at the rear bumper of Stuchbury. Stuchbury was soon clear of Andrew and chased after Barr, Barr shunted wide and then Daft was soon offered the same shortly before halfway; Stuchbury was into the lead. Andrew nipped by Daft, but Daft lunged back, the top three: Stuchbury, Andrew and Daft. The race settled down with Stuchbury holding a decent enough gap over Andrew to keep any attack at bay. The only further change to the top three saw Ryan Harrison (197) muscle his way by Daft for third; this paved the way for the unsettled Daft to lose out further to Adam Joyce (157); Phoebe Wainman (211) improved on her position, snatching 8th from Guy Jolly (222) in the final stages.

Result: 131 355 197 157 96 375 26 211 222 423


The last before World final saw 13 cars take on the Grand National; Kevin Stuchbury (131) taking the handicap; Stephen Young (176) taking pole position Adam Joyce (157) made his way by Phoebe Wainman (211) at the drop of the green, just as Rebecca Barr (NZ34) lunged at Young. Bryan Andrew (355) was on a charge picking off the lower graders whilst further back Ryan Harrison (197) and Simon Sykes (64) scuffled with Harrison lunging at Sykes into turn 1 to no avail, but the attempt in turn 3 more successful. Sykes returned the compliment the next bend which saw Harrison clatter the wall as the pair rejoined the racing line Joyce nipped under both of them forcing Sykes out wide into Harrisons path, both collided and hooked up and once again collected the fence. Joyce set off after Barr and duly shunted her aside. A lap down Sykes caused problems for Andrew as Sykes tried to navigate to the middle caught saw Andrew needing to take avoiding action across the centre grass and rumble strips; which caused sufficient damage to Andrew forcing retirement. This left Joyce to take the lead with the lap boards coming out shortly after. Hayley Williams (26) had picked her way through the chaos and was up into fifth place and she quickly found her way through yellow graders Lloyd Spencer (375) in turn 3 and then moved Sam Jacklin (137) aside in turn 1 to take third. Second place Barr got herself out of shape down the back straight taking a bumpy wall ride; keeping it together but allowing Williams enough time to close in and Barr was shunted wide into turn 1. In the closing stages Joyce was your leader, with Williams in second and Jacklin moving up into third. Stuchbury had utilised the carnage, picking up the pieces into sixth, but moving Spencer wide before the flag to take fifth.

Result: 157 26 137 NZ34 131 375 211 222 197 376