Chairman Statement

The 2019 season has come to a end, and we’ve had our drivers AGM.

We have a few new members to the BoC, I would like to welcome Mick Harris as our vice chairman and Guy Jolly on board, along with our new secretary Sharon Harris. We will all be working hard to keep the club flourishing. We are working behind the scenes looking to put more in place to ensure that the club runs smoothly and is more of a level playing field.

Don’t have to wait until the new season to talk to us, you can contact any of the BoC by phone (please remember that we all have day jobs) or use the email address which will go through to all of the BoC.

I have been involved in the v8’s for nearly 30 years, racing myself, now supporting my brother and as part of the BoC. I’m happy to take the seat as chairman, along side the new BoC, as I feel we need strong characters to work with the track promotors, listen to, and also support, our drivers! I am keen to see the costs of racing a V8 reduce or remain the same as much as possible.

Last year was one of our highest sponsored years racing, and we also saw some great racing! Anyone wanting to come forward to sponsor a meeting, it doesn’t have to be purely money and could be something like tyres or parts etc, if you would like to help out or know someone who may be interested then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BoC.

We are working with promotors to sort our 2020 racing fixtures, and can’t wait for another great years racing! We also have in the new year the NEC Autosport International Show and the 2nd ever East of England Showground Motorsport with Attitude show to look forward too.

This is your formula and my passion and I want 2020 to be the best season yet for the drivers and the sport!

Neil Stuchbury- Brisca V8 Hotstox Chairman