Chairmans Statement

Well the seasons start is soon approaching and I’d like to welcome new drivers to the club and existing drivers back.

We have a new member to the BoC and we will all be working hard to make the club flourish. We have already been working behind the scenes putting things in place to ensure that the club runs smoothly and is more of a level playing field. We aim to improve the communication and will ensure that BoC meeting dates and outcomes are communicated, however you don’t have to wait until then to talk to us, you can contact any of the BoC by phone (please remember that we all have day jobs) or use the new email address which will go through to all of the BoC.

We have listened to your comments regarding having more social events and will hopefully kicking this off with a late bar and disco at the Mildenhall weekend. We can make all the arrangements but the socials success will be down to you guys so we ask that you support them, after all its you that want them! Whilst we are on this subject, I’d like to remind everyone that this is a hobby and we all have to go to work on a Monday, yes, on track the racing is fast and furious but the sports heritage has been around fun, and the friendly banter when we get off track, it’s not about creating enemies.

We have been asked to look at getting some more incentives and prize money into the formula so are asking for anyone to come forward if they would like to sponsor a meeting, it doesn’t have to be purely money and could be something like tyres or parts. If you would like to help out or know someone who may be interested then get in touch with Samantha Hawkins or Andy Barnard.

In just under 3 weeks we race at Birmingham on 23rd March with round 1 of the Northern and Midland and then we move to Belle Vue for an all-important World Championship qualifying round. We ask that you start to book in with Samantha asap. The earlier we get bookings to promoters, the more chance we have of getting the format we want or a grand national, more important is the promotional aspect as promoters will start advertising the meeting with driver updates weeks before and we want to get more exposure in these write ups.

So all that’s left to say is here’s to a great season.

Trevor Hawkins (V8 Chairman)