Chris Bracher: European Champion

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Stu Stretton

World Champion Chris Bracher

Four time BriSCA V8 Hotstox World Champion Chris Bracher claimed another major title on Sunday 18th May at Buxton, to add to his impressive collection – 2014 European Champion.

Bracher has only raced twice so far in 2014 and his campaign started off with a disastrous zero at Birmingham Wheels on the 26th April. Chris is racing as and when he can but has already openly admitted to a heavily reduced schedule this season. What is certain is that he is going to be a major force when he does come out to play as was demonstrated on Sunday in the Peak District.

Bracher’s results in the heats were mediocre by his standards but he managed to qualify 5th row inside for the Championship race. It seems the 30 year old garage manager seems to revel in closed grid situations as he blitzed his way to the front of a stellar field – keeping 131 Kev Stuchbury behind him all the way to the flag.

Chris said: I’ve never won it before so I’m really happy to finally win the European. The World Champion also attributed his win to ‘years of tough love’ from F1 driver Ivan Pritchard. So there you go, head on over to Mint Kid Racing if you need some attitude adjustment!