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Post Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:59 pm

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V8 Hotstox Grading List
Up to and including Hednesford 28/08/2017
New grades effective 1st September 2017.

1 Adam Joyce 565pts (WORLD/POINTS)
498 Olly Spencer 517pts
298 Tom Spencer 444pts
211 Phoebe Wainman 398pts

409 Luke May 324pts (EUROPEAN/BRITISH)
222 Guy Jolly 296pts
69 Matt Barnard 286pts
275 Terry Hawkins 281pts
131 Kevin Stuchbury 274pts (SUPERSTAR CBDG)
17 George Riley 270pts
288 Jon Brown 239pts
154 Sophie Maynard 236pts

328 Michael Bowell 216pts
324 Shaun Bowman 188pts
450 Sam Mee 168pts (RED CBDG) won a final last grading period from red
469 Dean Laird 161pts
355 Bryan Andrew 163pts (RED CBDG*)
26 Hayley Williams 113pts
517 Ben Kearton 110pts
575 Darren Cottrill 110pts
137 Sam Jacklin 97pts (RED CBDG*)
65 Bradd Stirk 96pts
345 Jake Harrhy 92pts

465 Jedd Stirk 79 (BLUE CBDG) won a final last grading period from blue
176 Steven Young 53pts
552 Declan Gwin 49pts
482 Martin Fletcher 48pts
423 Gary Jackson 38pts
117 Rob Scriven 37pts
242 Joe Nickolls 30pts

179 Richard Arrowsmith 29pts (BLUE CBDG)
201 Stephen Treherne 28pts (BLUE CBDG*)
439 Jay Kellett 27pts
376 Matthew Young 27pts
63 Dave Sharp 27pts
245 Lucy Olorenshaw 26pts
149 Marc Radforth 24pts (BLUE CBDG*)
438 Craig Kellett 18pts
182 Dave Cheetham 16pts
227 Sam Wainwright 16pts
333 Sam Roper 8pts
159 Carl Radforth 6pts (BLUE CBDG*)
420 Jamie Huckfield 3pts
406 Christopher Snell 3pts
89 Keith Murphy 2pts (RED CBDG*)
82 Ashley Geary 2pts
286 Jamie Lyford 2pts
525 Amy Jagger 1pt
42 Rob Barber 1pt (BLUE CBDG*)
175 Karl Hawkins 1pt (BLUE CBDG*)

CBDG* = not raced 2 meetings in the last grading period to be eligible for downgrading.

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