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Early booking list, 7th October, Buxton

Post Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:58 pm

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With the Dave Atkinson Memorial final and dash for cash there is a massive £1000 up for grabs this meeting!

Sponsored by MSF Stoxpics, MJS recovery, Fly Signs, Guinchard performance, PGR race engines, Chris Snell, Andy Barnard, Scott Newton ex V8 160 and mechanic to Team Maw

There is £500 cash on the Dave Atkinson memorial final plus £50 Fly Signs voucher to the top 3

Dash for cash will be the last race of the day, 10 Laps, closed grid. £250 to the winner and £10 to the leader of each Lap, there will be no National points for this race.

1 Adam Joyce
64 Simon Sykes
69 Matt Barnard
131 Kevin Stuchbury
153 Abi Stansfield
176 Stephen Young
187 Craig Smith
227 Sam Wainwright
288 Jon Brown
298 Tom Spencer
324 Shaun Bowman
355 Brian Andrew
362 Natasha Williams
366 Dave Dorans
376 Matthew Young
406 Chris Snell
426 Ollie Redgate
438 Craig Kellett
439 Jay Kellett
482 Martin Fletcher
485 Steve Thompson
491 Paul Prest
498 Olly Spencer
525 Amy Jagger

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