Fuel Non return valves were included as an ORCi requirement in Oval Race formulae some time ago.
In 2016 there was a high profile case involving a Non return valve not being fitted in a particular formula that was dealt with somewhat leniently at the time given some more general issues with regards their fitting and scrutineering with the anticipation that this would be an example to raise the awareness to all drivers that a fully operational/working Non return valve MUST be fitted.
In recent weeks various investigations have revealed that drivers continue to abuse the rule from taking cars to scrutineering and then removing them or fitted and tampered with.
From the 1st May 2017 drivers are now warned that contravention of this rule WILL result in an automatic mandatory ban under  the technical rules/ penalties  of 6 months. This applies to any driver not having a fully working non return valve fitted and/or it being tampered with in any way.
Issued ORCi 6h April 2017


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