Joe Higgins Debuts & European Win

The 2018 European Championship didnt disappoint!

We saw a new natural talent come into our formula and take home his first final win, in his first meeting and also taking home his first championship! Joe Higgins had a great debut meeting into the v8 hotstox, coming in from the stoxkarts he was in the new 2018 Hawkins Hire Car and he stood out from heat 1!

Joe shows great driver skill and car control, and after holding a strong lead in both heats 1 and 2 he was only caught in the closing laps of each race by our more experienced drivers. But heat 3 he took his first v8 hotstox win, and with placing in the top 3 in all three heats, being the highest scoring white top of the night he’d got himself starting on pole position for the European Final! But this time the drivers were starting in a closed grid! Joe had managed to get away well in his heats but with a close grid start surely he couldn’t get away the same !?!

The green flag dropped and one of our star drivers of 2018 #485 Steve Thompson was quick on Joe using the closed grid to his advantage, but it wasn’t to last as soon as he got by and took the lead he had issues and pulled off giving Joe a great lead into the opening laps of the race! But he had the experience of ex European Champion #328 Michael Boswell on his tail and slowly gaining! The pair had a great race, but unlucky for the experienced once again as once Boswell got by Joe and the 5 lap boards came out just as he was pulling away he suffered a puncture which slowed him right down and on the final corner of the final lap Joe saw his opportunity and he pushed Boswell wide! And after a great race and a very well worked out last corner our newest driver into the Hotstox took home his first final win and the red and orange chequered roof!

A very well done to Joe Higgins #29! And hopefully we’ll soon be seeing him back out on track and showing off his new coloured wing!

“I was happy just to have enough points to be on the grid to be honest… I think I outscored everybody in the heats which I also couldn’t believe! Prior to the race Karl, my Dad Ian and brother Billy just advised me to not give up my position easy and if I had any chance of getting back passed anybody to go for it and get stuck in because I had nothing to lose.
This is every stockcar racers dream to win a major championship on the last bend.
To non racing people they will think well done and will be pleased for me, but those in racing understand what a massive achievement it is. Even as a novice and winning a major championship with a closed grid! I’m pretty sure it’s unheard of/ never really happened in stock car racing. Especially in BriSCA.
We will never forget last night as it really is something that only dreams are made of!” -Joe Higgins #29