Kings Lynn 19th October 2014

Norfolk Arena Return!

After a few years of absence the V8’s returned to Kings Lynn Sunday 19th October, 18 cars journeyed to the Norfolk arena. Chris Knight (205) returned to the formula after a few years away in a smartly prepared machine. This was also the first meeting for Kevin Stuchbury wearing the gold roof; taking up the option to use the number 1.

All 18 cars gridded for heat 1; Rob Jacklin (136) taking pole position. Darren Cottril (575) made a move on Terry Hawkins (275) at the drop of the green, muscling him aside. Sam Mee (450) and Jon Brown also jostled for position whilst Karl Hawkins (175) took a lunge at Tom Spencer (298). Lloyd Spencer (375) made a challenge to wrestle the lead from Jacklin into turn 1. Michael Boswell (328) was a spinner in turn 3 whilst Spencer (298), Hawkins (275) and Chris Knight (205) all ended in a heap in the first turn. Jacklin and Stephen Lilley (433) had a coming together in the home straight, Lilley coming off worst with a spin to the infield as a result. Mee made a move to take a place off Jacklin, just as Guy Jolly (222) nudged Jon Brown (288) wide in turn 1. Phoebe Wainman (211) found her way by Jacklin before Hawkins (175) and Wainman started fighting for position. Jacklin dropped back further after a trip to the plating courtesy of Brown. Mee had got by Spencer (375) for the lead just after the halfway stage. Wainman and Hawkins (175) continued their battle swapping places lap after lap as the lap boards came out; entering turn 1 Hawkins and Wainman were side by side; Wainman on the inside was just caught off line and ploughed into a marker tyre spinning her out of contention. Brown attempted one final lunge at the back Cottrill in the final bend to try and take fifth, but to no avail. Mee taking the win ahead of Spencer in second and Hawkins in third to round off an entertaining first race.

Result: 450 375 175 1 575 288 222 211 26 328

Heat 2 rolled on track with all 18 cars taking up the challenge; Rob Jacklin (136) once again led the pack off at the green. Stephen Lilley (433) got caught out in turn 3 clipping a marker tyre, the chasing pack having to take avoiding action. Karl Hawkins (175) pulled to the middle with diff problems whilst Lilley was once again in the wars spinning around; then was collected by Jon Brown (288). Kevin Stuchbury (1) made a move to pass Phoebe Wainman (211) in turn 1, Wainman controlling the attack and held position. Wainman went on the attack the next lap snookering Terry Hawkins (275) and Hayley Williams (26) into turn 1. Stuchbury had stuck with Wainman and he again lunged at the back of the 211 machine; this time moving her wide to take position. Tom Spencer (298) was next to come under fire from Stuchbury, two attempts to move Spencer wide then Stuchbury was through. Half way, Guy Jolly (222) entered turn 1 wrong and caught an inner marker tyre, Jolly was then collected by Cottrill and Stuchbury consecutively. Jacklin rattled turn 3 plating and came to a slow stop at the end of the home straight. Wainman made an attack on Chris Knight (205) in turn 3, Knight was sent into a half spin taking Wainman with him. Michael Boswell (328) the leader held a few car lengths gap over second place Sam Mee (450) and Lloyd Spencer (375) in third; the race settled down and the top three remained unchanged to the flag; Cottrill came under pressure from Stuchbury at the end, but the experienced Cottrill managed to hold off Stuchbury to the end.

Result: 328 450 375 575 1 275 298 314 26 112

16 cars gridded for the Feature Final, racing for the Harry Smith memorial trophy. Phoebe Wainman (211) was the first casualty with a spin in turn 3 and was promptly joined by Chris Knight (205) Hayley Williams (26) lunged at Terry Hawkins (275) into turn 3 sending Hawkins to the fence. It was three abreast out of turn 3 with Lloyd Spencer (375), Steve Bowman (314) and Jamie Marson (112) the trio collected each other and all three went to the plating out of the turn, Spencer and Bowman quickly recovered but left Marson stranded broadside across the track. Wainman spun herself once again just as Michael Boswell (328) came under attack from Sam Mee (450), Mee got the better of Boswell but then spun around in turn 1. The waved yellows were called for Marson. The leading 5 at the restart were: 136 175 433 575 1. On the restart Karl Hawkins (175) spun and was then collected by Cottrill, Cottrill’s car jumping out of gear, it was enough to take him out of contention, Hawkins recovered and promptly struck Stephen Lilley (433). Boswell was back in the mix and lunged at Hawkins just as Stuchbury rattled the turn 1 plating. Halfway, Rob Jacklin (136) lost his lead to Stuchbury and Williams brushed the turn 1 fence. Another waved yellows was called for; Stuchbury led off the restart followed by Boswell and Karl Hawkins (175). At the green Stuchbury broke away, but as the laps wound down Boswell did close back in. Hawkins retired with more diff troubles leaving his brother Terry to take third. The first two were clear, but a battle for third ensued with Hawkins, Cottrill and Jon Brown (288) all battling it out. The trio swapping places lap after lap; with two laps to go Brown attacked the back of the Cottrill machine sending 575 flying in to turn 1, riding the plating wall of death style coming to a rest by the pit gate. The chequered was dropped; Stuchbury taking the win, Boswell second and Hawkins third to round off a successful return to the Norfolk arena.

Result: 1 328 275 288 314 205 450