Northampton 16th March 2014

F1 Scriven takes hat trick

Another great field of V8 Hotstox arrived at PR1MO Northampton Raceway on Sunday 16th March, that would do battle under a glorious Sunny day for all important World Championship Qualifying Points.  A total of 3 ladies would take to the track mixing it with the guys plus novice driver Karl Smith (487) totalling 22 cars in attendance; including the debut of the heavily refurbished Hayley Williams (26) car, Karl Hawkins (175) shale car and the brand new Terry Hawkins (275) car.

21 cars made it out for the first race of the day with Jamie Marson (112) sitting in pole position. Nick Blach (160) was the first casualty of the race as he was sent into a spin. Phoebe Wainman (211) was the first blue to make an impression as she lunged at the back of the Sam Wainwright (227) machine. Hayley Williams (26) made a move for the lead challenging Marson; Bryan Andrew (355) and Steph Seddon (151) collided with the backstraight plating together causing a stoppage. On the restart leader Marson missed the flag letting Williams into the lead. Michael Scriven (12) made a move on Wainman for second place in turn 3 and then offered the same to Williams into turn 1 to take the lead; Wainman was still in contention and snuck into second place whilst Williams recovered. The next bend Williams thundered into the back of Wainman and Scriven into turn 3 in an effort to retake the lead, but Williams carried too much speed into the turn and spun out in the process. With 5 laps to go the race settled down with Scriven leading the pack, Wainman in second and Tom Spencer (298) in third. As the laps wound down Spencer reeled in Wainman and at the last bend, Spencer made contact with the back of the Wainman bumper, sending 211 out to the turn 3 plating.

Result: 12 298 211 64 456 269 384 175 179 160

Heat 2 returned with 20 cars on track, Glyn Daft (96) and Shane Geary (478) both missing from the line up with mechanical issues and the addition of Guy Jolly (222) after a delayed arrival. Jamie Marson (112) once again took up the running from a pole position start. At the drop of the green Mike Lomax (269) was quick to want to make progress and lunged at Terry Hawkins (275) moving him over, just as Simon Sykes (64) and Bryan Andrew (355) both collided with each other, getting hooked up together as a result. Hawkins was again under fire when European Champion Richard Arrowsmith (179) made an attack. Phoebe Wainman once again was eager to make progress and bundled Hayley Williams (26) into Ryan Kembery (384) in turn 3. Williams wasn’t able to get a break as the next bend she was once again under attack, this time from ex-Rebel racer Adam Joyce (456) who planted Shaun Bowman (324) into the back of her. Sam Wainwright (227) was the next casualty when he spun around in turn 1, just before Michael Scriven (12) and Williams run into each other, Williams hooking up on the outside rear of Scrivens car, she was run round the plating together with Scriven in turn 1; Williams riding around the fence she eventually got to the point where are newly painted car was eventually tipped onto it’s side, freeing Scriven to race on. Williams stranded on her side mean a waved yellow caution was called for. Counting back to the last completed lap, Scriven was put back into position in third, behind 112 in first and 211 in second. On the restart the expected attack from Wainman came and Marson was sent wide, Marson slotting back into second, Scriven joined the duo the next bend and bumpered Marson into the back of Wainman in turn 3. The melee has slowed the leaders down enough to allow the hard charging red grader Tom Spencer (298) on the scene and Scriven attacked the back of the 298 car. Not wanting to be left out plucky white grader Marson returned the earlier compliment and snookered Spencer into Scriven.  Further down the field Kembery tried to manoeuvre past Nick Blach (160) in turn 3, but caught Blach wrong and Kembery was sent spinning in the turn. In the closing stages Marson was loosing ground on the leaders and red graders Simon Sykes (64) and Bryan Andrew (355) soon forcefully found their way through. At the finish flag, Scriven had it under control taking the win from, Spencer in second and Wainman in third.

Result: 12 298 211 64 355 324 275 175 179 222

Final time and 19 cars remerged for the feature final race. Liam Roche (115) in the Bracher hire car took up the mantle of leading the field off. Ryan Kembery (384) fought his way into the lead shortly after the green just as Phoebe Wainman (211) had already caught the back of the yellow graders. Wainman nudged Hayley Williams (26) aside and set off after the leaders, but Wainman was followed through by already double victor Scriven and he attacked Wainman into turn 1 – both drivers continued to jostle for position for the next lap or so, at the same time Bryan Andrew (355) lunged at the back of the Mike Lomax (269) machine and moved him aside. As the race settled down, Terry Hawkins (275) was the first star grade driver to make his way up the order in his new car. Shaun Bowman (324) and Kembery would then collide in turn 3, whilst the two cars were recovering, Simon Sykes (64) and Andrew got caught up in the commotion and tangled together. The recovered Kembery launched himself at Williams in turn 1 who in turn also caught Lomax, both scraping the plating. Sykes trying to make up lost time lined up the back of the Richard Arrowsmith (179) car as the pair headed up a train of charging star drivers; Sykes and Andrews were again in bother when the pair went out wide together in turn 3 scraping the fence. At the halfway stage Scriven had a clear advantage in first over Wainman in second and Hawkins in third. As the laps wound down Tom Spencer (298) found another gear and started to pick off places. Swiftly moving past Nick Blach (160) to go fourth and setting after third place Hawkins. A couple of laps later and Spencer was with Hawkins and Spencer thundered the 275 car hard into turn 3 taking out Kembery in the process; the pair of ending in a heap together on the outside of third bend. At the flag it was Scriven who took his third win of the day, followed home by Wainman in second and Spencer in third.

Result: 12 211 298 160 324 64 175 179 269 112

The last race rolled out and 18 cars would do battle for the Grand National; Michael Scriven (12) taking the lap handicap. Liam Roche (115) taking up pole position once again. It wouldn’t take long for chaos to ensue and Terry Hawkins (275) and Bryan Andrew (355) tangled as Nick Blach (160) clashed with Roche. Adam Joyce (456) made rapid progress through the field and Blach also come to blows, Blach catching the worst of it and he was left stranded facing the turn 1 fence. Hayley Williams (26) lost her wing as she chased the leaders down and whilst exiting turn 1 Williams was sent into a spin she was collected by the chasing pack. Phoebe Wainman (211), Simon Sykes (64) and Joyce all caught the worst of the melee. Joyce rejoined the pack and quickly tried to make his way back up the order; snookering Andrew and Guy Jolly (222) out wide in turn 3. Andrew, not one to let a place go easy, fought back at the blue grader the following bend; Andrew got through and then Jolly also returned the favour to Joyce. Scriven was making steady progress through the field and snuck past the delayed Sykes machine, Sykes tried to move the number 12 machine over in turn 3. Tom Spencer (298) had quietly been moving up the order and soon found himself leading the way. Bryan Andrew (355) who seemed out of luck all day once again had issues, and a damaged wheel guard had caused some rubbing to the tyre and wheel, which very strangely caused a small fire; Andrew excluded from the race parked up in the middle. Roche’s car cut out and he was left stranded on the exit of turn 4; parked in a precarious position a caution period was called for. At the restart Sam Wainwright (227) car wouldn’t go into gear and missed the start allowing Scriven free reign to attack the Shaun Bowman (324) machine, Scriven got by and moved up into fifth. Further down the field Ryan Kembery (384) lunged at Jolly in turn 1; Jolly rode the hit and got better drive out the turn to keep position. Richard Arrowsmith (179) made a move on Terry Hawkins (275) to snatch third, Scriven had caught the duo and made a move to pass Arrowsmith, but was unsuccessful, Arrowsmith holding onto third until the flag. Wainwright was spun out in turn 1 by Kembery with only a handful of laps to spare. Bowman attempted a last bend lunge on Sykes, but the former European Champion held position in a drag race to the flag. Credit to novices Karl Smith (487) and Steph Seddon (151) who picked up their first ever points with a ninth and tenth respectively after two great steady drives.

Result: 298 175 179 12 275 64 324 222 487 151