Northampton 8th June 2014

Karl Hawkins: Anniversary Champion

Day two of the Anniversary Championship saw the Hotstox head down to rural Northamptonshire for the tarmac leg with 18 cars ready to do battle.

Heat one and we welcome back 40 Malc Ayris who returns to the track for the first time in a number of years and he leads the way next to 309 James Cobley. 175 Hawkins is straight on the power trying hard to win as many points as possible to keep the championship lead. 179 Richard Arrowsmith tangles with 26 Hayley Williams and 157 Adam Joyce while Holmes 497 spins. 96 Daft, 175 Hawkins and 478 Geary are all fighting together and its Geary who falls out with a spin. 131 Kevin Stuchbury is on top form again on tarmac trying to gain on Hawkins lead. 309 tangles with Daft while 375 Lloyd Spencer and Jolly pull off onto the centre. A last minute fight for the lead between Stuchbury and Hawkins as the laps wound down but it was Hawkins who held onto the win.

Result: 175, 131, 328, 96, 160, 478, 157, 211, 288, 26.

Heat two commences. Cobley leads again but it\’s 160 Nick Blach who soon takes the lead while 26 Hayley Williams looks on the pace. Hawkins has so much determination and is up there again fighting for it. Holmes then pushed Jolly wide while Stuchbury is already into 3rd. A steady race and we are soon into the final stages. With 5 to go it\’s Stuchbury who takes the lead and Blach is right behind him in 2nd. At the last corner; Blach and Hawkins cross the line together in a dead heat.
Result: 131, 160, 175, 26, 157, 275, 478, 96, 179

Final time and again it\’s 309 who leads them off but not for long as Blach quickly takes the lead. Hawkins is fighting through them all again; with Stuchbury so close to Hawkins in the points and now on track this is going to be a close one! Daft and Hawkins 275 are fighting through and tangle together fighting for 4th. Again it\’s Stuchbury and Hawkins 175 who fight for the lead together. Daft and Blach collide in the back straight collected the plating in the process. As the laps wound down Stuchbury just edged away from Karl Hawkins to take the win. A great drive from Richard Arrowsmith 179 saw him finish third.

Result: 131 175 179 157 288 26 328 222 478 309

No Grand National report sorry I forgot my note pad for that one.
Result: 288 175 275 179 131 26 222 478 211 324

Karl Hawkins 175 topped the points chart over the weekend; thus won the 30th Anniversary Championship; just piping Kevin Stuchbury 131 who closed rapidly over the course of Sunday.