Quarantine Q&A

While were all currently having to stay home and keep safe in the battle against Covid-19, it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with some of our drivers while were way from racing! In prep for the late March 2020#02 issue of Stockcar Magazine we asked what it was the fans wanted to know, and put your questions forward to #402 James Billows, #222 Guy Jolly, #288 Jon Brown and #1/498 Olly Spencer and there answers are printed and ready to be read!

Also yesterday evening (09/04/20) we had the chance to fire a few questions in the direction of our National Points Champion #131 Kevin Stuchbury, Would like to say a big thank you to Kev for his time and here is what we had to say!

First off Kev, lets start with, how has the isolation period been treating you over the past 3 weeks?

To be honest in the week not a lot has changed for me. It’s just when it comes to the weekend, trying to find things todo with not being able to go racing

It would have been the Hotstox debut down in Taunton this weekend! We’re you planning on going? And what are your plans to try and fill the time instead?

Yeah was looking forward to going being a track I have never raced at before, not sure if the weather is good probably just relax in the garden

How long have you been racing in the Hotstox for?

Too long😂😂

Too long and still going strong!  Racing with the silver roof again for 2020! But what would you say has been your biggest or your best achievement in your Hotstox career?

Would say winning the silver for the first time, silver to me is the one to win because it’s over the season where you gotta be consistent all year

Having had a win in all the 4 major championships in the Hotstox (gold, silver, British, European) do you have anymore goals in the coming seasons? Or any personal goals you’ve set for yourself?

No not really, last year I managed to score over a thousand points in one season which i wanted to do a few seasons ago but missed out by one point, now it’s just going to have fun if I pick up some wins on the way it’s a bonus

We mentioned earlier you may have been racing the Hotstox for a while now 🙈 What would you say in your opinion is the biggest change in the sport from when you started to now?

Would say all the cars are well turned out ,when i started you only had a handful but now everyone makes the effort, racing has definitely got faster where it would only be a handful of quick cars before it’s now everyone is on the same sort of pace right through the field

And through the years you must have raced a fair few drivers! Have you had any drivers stand out to you? Any memorable moments with other drivers on track?

Yeah, always used to enjoy racing with Chris Bracher and Craig Smith when we was all at superstar, we all used to go for it on track but always had a laugh in the pits afterwards

You race both surfaces, do you have a preferred surface? Where is your favorite place to race past or present? And is there anywhere you haven’t raced that you’d love to be able to race?

Wouldn’t say I have a preference I like tarmac because it’s fast and I like shale because it’s close racing right through the field and gives the lower graders more chance of picking up some good places, favorite has to be Skegness and the only one place I can think of which i would love to race at but not sure if it will ever happen is Bradford

Is there any particular reason you’d like to go to Bradford?

Big with banked corners,be able to carry some speed around there😂😂

Not only do you race the Hotstox, you’ve also built a fair few cars for your fellow drivers! Do you get satisfaction from seeing your cars going well while your on track? Or is it another car for you to be battling to get by?

No definitely, seeing a car win you have built is just as good if not better than winning yourself

Do you have a stand out car that you’ve built for someone else?

The car what stands out for me, it was built for me first but it has to be Olly Spencer’s tar car, it’s won every major title and is still a quick car

Have you been building cars for a while now? Do you know how many you’ve built?

Think I started about 2012 building cars, not sure how many but would say it’s definitely over 10 now

How did you get into building cars for yourself and then others?

When I decided I wanted a new car there wasn’t really anyone who was building hotstox, my brother and the lad what used to help him when he was racing had built a couple so I had a starting point so decided to have ago, never really had it in my mind to build cars for anyone else just people asked and I always said yes 😂😂

Have you ever wanted to race anything other than the Hotstox? And have you had a play in anything else?

Yeah would love to race F1 or National Hotrods but reckon I would end up with a lot of pieces with a hotrod 😂😂,had a little practice in f1 but that’s it

With all your Hotstox success, and we’ve seen a few drivers make the jump over the past couple of years, how come you’ve never made the move into the F1’s?

What ever I race I want to be able to do well and be up with the top guys and these days you gotta say girls aswell, to be a superstar in F1 you’ve got to have a big budget and I haven’t got that budget to do it

Whilst your enjoying v8’s how long do you think you’ll carry on? Do you have any one stand out moments from racing at all? On or off track.

Been saying for the last few years now  I’ll do 1 more year and that’s it but that was 4 years ago and I’m still going so who knows! Not any moments what stand out, I’ve had so many good memories on and off track

So this weekend there is some online racing fun between the drivers! How do you think your going to fair online? Have you been getting your practice in?

To be honest I haven’t even got the game yet🤦🏼‍♂️hopefully get it tomorrow (Friday) and go for it, I’m normally pretty handy when it comes to driving games so we should be ok

Oh, well best of luck, and thank you for your time! I know it’s taken a while! Lastly Is there anyone you’d like to say any thanks too?

No problem, yeah big thanks to my brother who puts a lot of time into my racing and without him I probably wouldn’t be racing and everyone what’s helped me over the years even with sponsorship or helping out on the car it means a lot and wouldn’t be able to do it without them