Sheffield 1st June 2014

Jolly reigns Supreme

Amy Duckett Photo

The heavy racing of the last few weeks saw attrition rates high meaning 12 cars take to the Sheffield Owlerton raceway on Sunday 1st June for the Supreme Trophy; amongst the line up saw Adam  Joyce (157) take to shale for the first time since moving into the V8’s.


Heat 1 saw the cars grid with Steph Seddon (151) on pole; but at the drop of the green Guy Jolly (222) quickly manoeuvred into the lead. A collection of cars entered the first turn together with Darren Cottrill (575) coming off worse, collecting the fence. Sam Mee (450) lunged at Sam Wainwright (227) into turn 1 to no avail, Mee made a successful second attempt in turn 3. Karl Hawkins (175) and Kevin Stuchbury (131) were enjoying a good early battle exchanging bumper work just before Stuchbury retired. Mee was proving difficult to move over as Mike Lomax (269) tried to bumper his way through in turn 3 and then again in turn 1. The halfway stage was signalled and Lomax was still trying to pass Mee, but made a more successful attempt with another lunge; Mee then proved troublesome for Hawkins and the two youngsters squabbled amongst themselves; Mee coming off worse when he was sent to the fence in turn 1 by Hawkins. As the lap boards came out Jolly was holding a good lead over Lomax in second and Hawkins in third. As the laps wound down the places remained unchanged with just Joyce trying to progress further in the closing stages trying to move Phoebe Wainman (211) aside.

Result: 222 269 175 187 211 157 117 227 575 151


Heat 2 and all 12 drivers returned Steph Seddon (151) once again taking pole position. In the early laps Craig Smith (187) and Mike Lomax (269) drifted out to the fence together resulting in the Lomax machine rolling and bouncing back onto all fours; a lap later the Rob Scriven (117) and Darren Cottrill (575) joined Lomax in the turn 1 fence together prior to the yellow flags being called for. On the restart Guy Jolly (222) who had gained a big lead prior to the stoppage led them off ahead of Karl Hawkins (175) and Sam Wainwright (227) in third. At the drop of the green Jolly maintained his lead for a handful of laps but succumbed to an attack from Hawkins to take the lead. Kevin Stuchbury (131) also made a move further down the order to pass Sam Mee (450). Jolly was now dropping down the order and let Wainwright through into second closely followed by Adam Joyce (157). Joyce moving Wainwright over in turn 3 to take second just before halfway, Hawkins holding the lead over Joyce with Stuchbury now moved upto third. Hawkins caught turn 3 wrong and half spun himself allowing Joyce into the lead and Stuchbury to be close enough to strike into turn 1; Phoebe Wainman (211) was also on the scene and the trio of cars left turn 1 three abreast, and as expected this didn’t work and all three collected each other and the back straight fence together. Stuchbury suffering some damage to the back end saw the handling affected and the 131 car spun itself round; Joyce taking the win ahead of Jolly in second and Scriven third; just 6 cars going the distance.

Result: 157 222 117 575 227 151 NOF


A damaging heat 2 meant 10 cars returning for the feature final race; Guy Jolly (222) was your early race leader as the race quickly settled in, 2013 Supreme Darren Cottrill (575) quick to show his intent on winning it again bundled Craig Smith (187) into turn 2. Rob Scriven (117) was sent around into a spin by Karl Hawkins (175) in turn 3; Scriven sustaining enough damage to confine him to the infield for the rest of the race. Adam Joyce (157) and Karl Hawkins (175) engaged in a battle with Joyce attacking Hawkins to try and move him aside. Phoebe Wainman (211) was back in the thick of it and she lunged at Sam Mee (450) and then Karl Hawkins (175) to take third place. At the laps wound down Jolly was still leading with a fair sized gap to Joyce in second and Wainman in third; Cottrill worked hard to close the gap on Mee; Mee holding off a last bend assault to keep sixth.

Result: 222 157 211 175 227 450 575 187 151 NOF


Amy Duckett