Skegness 24th May 2015

Skegness 24th May 2015

The traditional Skegness weekend at the end of May attracted the biggest entry; so far, of the season. 32 drivers racing over the two days; 30 cars racing Sunday and then again Monday. The entry dictating drivers race two heats from three, before an all-in final. The first time outside a championship where such a format be needed – a great effort from all drivers. Racing for the National Pairs trophies; two drivers are teamed for the weekend to race as one; helping with set ups and repairs; the team with the most points at the weekend; wins!

Sunday 24th May

19 cars gridded for heat 1; with young sensation of the season Olly Spencer (498) starting on pole; Stephen Young (176) was first casualty with a spin whilst Phoebe Wainman (211) tried to make swift progress lunging into Simon Sykes (64); Marc Radforth (149) offering similar treatment to Hayley Williams (26). A yellow grade train careered into turn 1; thanks to Glyn Daft (96), bundling Sam Jacklin (137) and Shaun Bowman (324) wide. The halfway stage was soon signalled just before Kevin Stuchbury (1) bundled Daft wide in turn 3. Gary Jackson (423) and Shane Geary (478) had a coming together whilst Radforth and Williams continued their battle. The lap boards ticked by for Spencer as Stuchbury reeled him in, but time run out and Spencer took the win ahead of Stuchbury in second and Bowman coming home third. The last bend proved eventful with Sykes and Wainman having a coming together, Jacklin joining them for good measure and Williams climbing over Jacklin. A red and chequered situation meant the result was taken from the last complete lap.

Result:  498 1 324 96 298 40 211 64 137 414

Heat 2 saw 18 cars return; James Cobley (309), making his first appearance of 2015 after taking some time off after a run of bad luck in 2014, started pole. At the drop of the green, the red graders set about to battle one another; whilst the quick white graders Olly Spencer (498) and Cobley battled it out for the lead. Further back and Marc Radforth (149) punted Michael Boswell (328) wide into turn 1; as Terry Hawkins (275) planted Simon Sykes (64) and Sam Jacklin (137), catching out Lee Summers (281) in the process. Radforth spun around after an attack from Phoebe Wainman (211). As the lap boards ticked away the top three were Spencer, Cobley and Bryan Andrew (355) in third. Andrew getting the better of Cobley before the flag to take second.

Result: 498 355 309 324 275 64 423 211 352 328

20 cars entered for Heat 3; James Cobley (309) once again taking pole position. Bryan Andrew (355) quick to make progress bundled the yellow graders out wide; as Tom Spencer (298) and Kevin Stuchbury (1) battled out for the racing line. Rob Jacklin (136) and George Shone become better acquainted; shortly before Carl Critchlow (373) snookered Malc Ayris (40) in to Shone in turn 1; Ayris and Shone both collecting the fence hard; prompting a yellow flag caution. Back under way and the halfway stage was soon signalled; Michael Boswell (328) and Rory Foster (352) continued battling for position further down the order; as Stuchbury ploughed into Andrew; snookering the veteran in to Cobley; Stuchbury taking the lead. Cobley was soon under fire again when Hayley Williams (26) bumpered him wide to take third; into the last bend and Glyn Daft (96) lost fifth place after a lunge from Tom Spencer (298).

Result: 1 355 26 309 298 96 328 352 136 478

27 cars returned for the all in final; the highest number for one car this season; naturally a chaotic race then followed. Sam Roper (333) started on pole to lead them off, Carl Critchlow (373) not getting the start he wanted, getting caught up in the home straight melee; at one point was 90degrees to the fence; but somehow held on to continue. The early part of the race; saw a lot of bumper exchanged throughout the order and a places swapping all done the order; too much going on to make notes on! The halfway stage was soon signalled to early race leader Olly Spencer (498); Shaun Bowman (324) had survived the opening laps and run second in front of James Cobley (309) in third. Cobley was soon in trouble; spinning out of contention taking Bryan Andrew (355) and George Shone (414) with him in turn 3. Michael Boswell (328) and Phoebe Wainman (211) battled for the same piece of track; which caught out Boswell, who then hurtled towards the inner marker tyres, just as Sam Jacklin (137) punted Critchlow wide into turn 3. Long time race leader Spencer was starting to suffer tyre problems as his back inside started letting go; ending up in a spin after being tapped wide by Lee Summers (281) Stuchbury worked his way up into second, punting Simon Sykes (64) and Glyn Daft (96) wide with one hit. Shaun Bowman (324) now sat in first, but was being quickly reeled in by Stuchbury; the laps wound down and in to the last lap; Stuchbury was within striking distance of the 324 machine, and surely enough, the last bend lunge went, Bowman unable to hold the hit half spun, allowing Stuchbury to take the win, Sykes in second and Daft to hold onto third.

Result: 1 64 96 26 298 136 414 352 205 211


The top of the Team Points Table at the end of day 1:

Kevin Stuchbury (1) + Tristan Jackson (101) = 47pts

Hayley Williams (26) + Shaun Bowman (324) = 37pts

Simon Sykes (64) + Gary Jackson (423) = 32pts

Sam Jacklin (137) + Glyn Daft (96) = 30pts

Olly Spencer (498) + Michael Boswell (328) = 30pts

Tom Spencer (298) + Sam Roper (333) = 24pts

Bryan Andrew (355) + Stephen Young (176) = 20pts