Skegness 25th and 26th May 2014

Joyce Sweeps Weekender

The first visit of 2014 to our World Final venue attracted 24 cars across the weekend. The traditional Bank holiday weekend see’s the National Pairs Trophies up for grabs – drivers are paired together (Top of the points chart with one from the bottom etc) to race together and gain the most points – those with the most points at the end of the weekend is declared the Winner. Not only this at stake; Monday also saw racing for World Championship Qualifying Points.


Lloyd Spencer (375); racing Karl Hawkins shale car took up pole position with James Cobley (309) for company alongside; Cobley a former F2 racer racing a stunning brand new car. At the drop of the green Adam Joyce (157) made a quick impression bumpering Hayley Wiliams (26) out the way; just as Kevin Stuchbury (131) did the same to Craig Smith (187). Paul Young (476) was the early race leader after Spencer was forced to retire. Stuchbury unable to move Smith at the earlier attempt tried once more with Phoebe Wainman (211) also getting snookered wide. Guy Jolly (222) had got his way into the lead as Young started to drop down the order. Joyce was making rapid progress through the grid and quickly overhauled Jolly to take up the running. Marc Holmes (497) bumpered Shane Geary (478) wide just as Terry Hawkins (275) retired at the halfway stage. Wainman bumpered Cobley wide into turn 1; but the pair tangled mid turn with Wainman climbing up and over the 309 machine – at one point looking to nearly end in a roll over. Young spun around in turn 1 just before 5 laps to go was signalled. Stuchbury made an attack on the back of Tom Spencer (298) to move into fourth, but Spencer retook the position at the last bend with a well timed lunge. Shaun Bowman (324) who had a quiet race sent Wainman wide in the last bend also. Joyce taking the win over Karl Hawkins (175) in second and Jolly third.

Result: 157 175 222 298 131 179 328 324 211 497


21 cars made it out for heat 2; with late arrival Ryan Kembery (384) joining the ranks. The cars set of amongst a dust cloud to deal with an oil spill in the prior race. Shane Geary (478) was keen to make progress and lunged at the back of Guy Jolly (222) early on; Jolly returning the favour into turn 3; Geary unphased set off after the leader Lloyd Spencer (375). Michael Boswell (328) shunted Shaun Bowman (324) aside just as Tom Spencer (298) did the same to Craig Smith (187) Adam Joyce (157) moved up the order when he passed Jolly, but Jolly didn’t let Joyce get away that easy when 222 struck the back of Joyce into turn 1. Kembery snookered into Spencer and Smith in turn 1 as Joyce took over the running of the race. Marc Holmes (497) made a lunge at Kevin Stuchbury (131) just before halfway. Stuchbury though was on a charge and made an attack of Terry Hawkins (275) into turn 1. Phoebe Wainman (211) was struggling to get by Smith but she made enough contact with the 187 back bumper to put him wide. With 5 to run, Joyce was still the leader with Geary and Jolly re-engaged with their earlier skirmish. Joyce made  a move past the back markers Jon Brown (288) and Ryan Kembery (384) into turn 1, Kembery collected the fence in the process. At the last bend; only Smith was close enough to any opposition when he knocked Wainman wide in turn 3 to take 7th; Wainman spinning in the process.

Result: 157 131 478 222 275 175 187 298 497 375


19 cars returned for the final with James Cobley (309) taking up pole position. Hayley Williams (26) quick to make up for her earlier disappointments lunged at Richard Arrowsmith (179) sending him into Terry Hawkins (275). Shane Geary (478) was the early leader. Adam Joyce (157) looked to continue where he left off after the earlier heats and was making quick progress up the order; Jon Brown (288) catching a shunt off Joyce to move him over; just as Marc Holmes (497) collected the fence in turn 3. Craig Smith (187) struck at the back of Stuchbury into turn 3, before Stuchbury offered the same treatment to Guy Jolly (222) in turn 1. The halfway stage was signalled; Joyce, Karl Hawkins (175) and Terry Hawkins (275) the top three. Hawkins (275) was moved aside by Stuchbury as Ryan Kembery (384) bumpered Cobley wide. A back marker Phoebe Wainman (211) was moved aside by the flying Joyce. Jolly and Williams started battling for 8th position when Williams struck the back of the 222 machine; the pair were then joined by Wainman who made a move on Williams to take 9th. Joyce took the win ahead of Hawkins (175) in second and Stuchbury third.

Result: 157 175 131 275 298 187 478 222 211 26


An extra race was added to the program in the form of a Grand National which tempted back 19 cars. Adam Joyce (157) took the handicap in front Lloyd Spencer (375) on pole. James Cobley (309) missed the start and Spencer quickly pulled to the centre leaving Guy Jolly (222) to take the lead. Hayley Wiliams (26) was sent into a spin in the back straight by Marc Holmes (497), Williams was then caught by the passing pack; Cobley; Kevin Stuchbury (131) and Craig Smith (187) all catching Williams on the way  through. Stuchbury recovered and shunted Shaun Bowman (324) wide as Terry Hawkins (275) did the same to Jolly to take the lead. Halfway stage and Hawkins (275) was your leader ahead of Karl Hawkins (175) and Jolly now in third. Jolly was soon under pressure from Stuchbury; the 222 car was soon bumpered wide dropping to fifth when Richard Arrowsmith (179) came through too. Tom Spencer (298) added to Jolly’s downfall when he too made his way past 222 in turn 3. As the laps wound down, Karl Hawkins (175) was reeling in his brother Terry and at the last bend Karl lunged from quite a way back at the 275 machine; Terry collecting the fence as a result and dropped to third when Stuchbury sneeked through to snatch second. Karl taking the win, Stuchbury finished second with Terry recovering for third. Joyce from the lap handicap drove a good race and he overhauled Jolly at the last bend to take sixth

Result: 175 131 275 179 298 157 222 211 384 187


Day two of the National Pairs weekend along with World Championship Qualifying points at stake saw 22 cars attend the Bank Holiday racing at Skegness; Steph Seddon (151) and Paul Young (476) saw mechanical woes force them to sit out day two; three extras arrived to compensate in the form of: Simon Sykes (64), Jamie Marson (112) and Rob Scriven (117).


Heat 1 saw 22 cars grid with James Cobley (309) take pole position; Adam Joyce (157), upgraded to red following his Final win the day before; bumpered Karl Hawkins (175) wide at the start. Richard Arrowsmith (179) was an early casualty when she spun around collected Michael Boswell (328) and Rob Scriven (117) in the process. Marc Holmes (497) bumpered Ryan Kembery (384) in to turn 1; just as Cobley collected the armco. Kevin Stuchbury (131) snookered Tom Spencer (298) into Craig Smith (187) out wide together in turn 3. Holmes found himself in a spin with Jon Brown (288) and Adam Joyce (157) needing to take swift avoiding action meanwhile up front Guy Jolly (222) found himself leading, but this was short lived as the flying Joyce came through to take over; closely followed by Karl Hawkins (175). Back down the order Spencer bumpered Phoebe Wainman (211) who in turn caught Smith. Halfway saw Simon Sykes (64) knock Jolly wide into turn 3 to take third; Jolly started to drop back down the order quickly down to seventh before Spencer demoted Jolly one place in the closing laps. Joyce made light work of back marker Hayley Williams (26); quickly bumpering her out the way. In the last bend Wainman struck the back of the Smith machine; Smith anchoring on the brakes unsettled the Wainman car at impact; Wainman spinning as a result. Joyce took the win, with Hawkins second and Sykes third.

Result: 157 175 64 478 275 131 298 222 187 328


Heat 2 saw 20 cars return; with no white tops yellow grader Guy Jolly (222) led them off; Adam Joyce (157) was the first red to lay his mark on the race and lunged at the back of the Simon Sykes (64) just as Jon Brown (288) did the same to Jolly. Tom Spencer (298) punted Craig Smith (187) into Kevin Stuchbury (131) into turn 3. Joyce then caught the Karl Hawkins (175) machine; Hawkins did his best to fend off Joyce, but Hawkins eventually succumbed to the 157 front bumper. Sykes also was on the move and struck the back of Hayley Williams (26) and then Kevin Stuchbury (131). Jon Brown (288) was brushed aside by Terry Hawkins (275) in turn 3 allowing Terry into the lead. Shaun Bowman (324) was having a nightmare day and spun around just before halfway. Spencer shunted Sykes wide as Jamie Marson (112) took a lunge at Ryan Kembery (384). In the dying laps Joyce held the lead over Karl Hawkins in second and brother Terry in third. At the last bedn Marc Holmes (497) took a strike at Spencer, sending the 298 car into a spin.

Result: 157 175 275 131 179 64 328 497 478 222


20 cars returned to the track for the Final; Jon Brown (288) led the grid off from pole position. Rob Scriven (117) started well and was quick into the blues moving Jamie Marson (112) aside with the help of a red grade train. In the homestraight Kevin Stuchbury (131) and Craig Smith (187) collided and with the help of passing drivers a trio of cars – Stuchbury, Smith and Marc Holmes (497) came to rest together in turn 1; Stuchbury facing the wrong way. Brown still held the lead; just as Joyce rattled into Richard Arrowsmith (179). Scriven did the same to Phoebe Wainman (211) and then Tom Spencer (298) offered the same treatment to Scriven. Joyce had caught Brown before halfway and the leader was shunted aside.  At the halfway stage Guy Jolly (222) struck Karl Hawkins (175) in turn 3 before Jolly was under fire from Hayley Williams (26). Brown was fighting back and he took a lunge at Simon Sykes (64); Spencer also did the same in the closing laps. Joyce took the win ahead of Arrowsmith in second and Karl Hawkins in third.

Result 157 179 175 478 298 64 288 26 222 211


The Grand National drew 14 cars back from the pits for the last race of the weekend; Adam Joyce (157) took the handicap in front of Shane Geary (478) on pole. The red graders quickly started squabbling Michael Boswell (328) lunging at Karl Hawkins (175) and Rob Scriven (117) doing the same to Boswell. Guy Jolly (222) had quickly dropped back and was under attack from Simon Sykes (64); but Sykes was coming under fire from Hawkins. Oil on track caught a few out notable Ryan Kembery (384) who caught the turn 1 fence. Scriven and Boswell were engaged in a mid race battle as the pair exchanged places. The halfway stage was signalled with Terry Hawkins (275) your leader; Karl Hawkins second and Richard Arrowsmith (179 third. The race settled down with Karl catching his brother Terry.  Shane Geary (478) copped a bumper from Sykes to drop down to fifth as the lap boards were out. Into the last lap Karl was close to striking distance and in a mirror image of the day before GN last bend, Karl launched himself at Terry connecting with the back of 275. Terry riding the hit well for the win, but Karl’s car came to a slow stop; allowed Arrowsmith to sneek through to take second. Karl slowly crossing the line to take third.

Result: 275 179 175 64 478 298 328 117 211 26


Congratulations to Adam Joyce (157) and Steph Seddon (151) who after both days hard racing was crowned the National Pairs Champions; Seddon loaded early Sunday with gearbox problems, meaning that Joyce was largely on his own; such was the dominance of Joyce meaning the pair lifted the trophies; well done Joyce and Seddon.