Skegness 25th May 2015

Skegness 25th May 2015

30 cars returned to Skegness for part 2 of the National Pairs weekend; 2 cars suffering mechanical problems from the Sunday; but 2 extras in the form of Adam Joyce (157) and Jamie Lyford (286) in the Bracher hire car; the number of cars prompting another two thirds format meeting before an all in final.

19 cars raced Heat 1 + Olly Spencer (498) led them off; Glyn Daft (96) quickly on the attack took Shaun Bowman (324) out wide in turn 3; Hayley Williams (26) put Tom Spencer (298) wide; with Kevin Stuchbury (1) for company in turn 1. Williams had the compliment returned from Stuchbury the next bend. Simon Sykes (64) took Daft and Bryan Andrew (355) out wide just before the halfway flag. Lee Summers (281) was then shunted wide by Andrew as Daft and Williams came to blows in turn 3. Sykes was launched by Stuchbury in turn 3. As the laps ticked by Spencer held a good advantage over second place Stuchbury, Andrew trying a last bend assault on Sykes for third; to no avail.

Result: 498 1 64 355 414 298 373 324 96 26

A slightly lower 16 cars raced heat 2; a few teams with mechanical glitches missing the race; James Cobley (309) starting off pole; Lloyd Spencer’s (375) bad run of luck continued as he quickly retired to the middle. The race quickly settled down, Simon Sykes (64) making the quickest progress, punting Gary Jackson (423) wide, Chris Knight (205) tried to halt the 64 progress in turn 3, but Sykes held off the attack. The halfway stage was soon signalled. Sykes continued to make his way through the field bumpering Rob Jacklin (136) wide in turn 1. Shaun Bowman (324) knocked Cobley offline, just as the lapboards came out. Olly Spencer (498) was holding down the lead as the laps ticked by; Bowman loosing second place in the last bend to Sykes.

Result: 498 64 34 309 149 136 328 352 205 438

Heat 3 raced with 22 cars; James Cobley (309) starting pole once again; Adam Joyce (157) quickly ruffled some feathers in his new car; setting about punting Phoebe Wainman (211) wide as early leader Cobley spun around in the first bend. A red grade train hurtled into turn 3; just as Craig Kellett (438) spun in turn 1. Glyn Daft (96) forcefully moved over Rob Jacklin (136) and George Shone (414) shortly before the yellow flags were called after Chris Knight (205) collected the spun Kellett machine.  On the restart Hayley Williams (26) and Michael Boswell (328) battled for supremacy exchanging positions; Jacklin tried to move aside Bryan Andrew (355), but further back, eyes were on Wainman, Joyce and Rory Foster (352) who were all using the bumper to good effect; Wainman eventually pulling out a small gap, but the squabbling duo was then joined by Williams; who also entered the bumper exchange. As the laps wound down the battling red tops; shunted one another to the flag, Foster piping them to 10th position. Up ahead Stuchbury took the win ahead of Daft In second and Andrew in third.

Result: 1 96 355 414 398 211 136 281 328 352


The final attracted 26 cars, Sam Roper (333) starting pole; the drop of the green saw a chaotic start for the mass of the white graders; entering the first turn Olly Spencer (498) was spun around and in turn was then collected by Matthew Young (376). George Shone (414) bumpered Rob Jacklin (136) as Rory Foster (352) did the same to Marc Radforth (149) and Phoebe Wainman (211). Bryan Andrew (355) bundled Shaun Bowman (324) into Jamie Lyford (286) just before Stephen Young (176) hooked up with Adam Joyce (157), a yellow flag caution was called. Craig Kellett (438) the race leader ahead of Carl Critchlow (373) in second and Rob Jacklin (136) third. On the restart Simon Sykes (64) was nudged wide by Kevin Stuchbury (1) into turn 3; Sykes returned the compliment with slightly more force into turn 1 demoting Stuchbury a number of places. Halfway was signalled; Stuchbury keen to make up lost ground; hurtled Chris Knight (205) wide in turn 1, a lap before Rob Jacklin (136) was also offered the same compliment, half spinning Jacklin in the process. Hayley Williams (26) collected the fence courtesy of a star grade push; Tom Spencer (298) and Phoebe Wainman (211) doing the pushing. The star grade trio swapping places as the laps wound down, Foster also joining in the latter stages. Into the last lap and Williams had pulled a small gap to hold 5th whilst Olly Spencer (498) snatched ninth position from Radforth; Spencer driving incredibly well after dropping to near last after the first bend skirmish. Stuchbury taking victory ahead of Andrew in second and long time leader Kellett finishing third after a sterling drive.

Result: 1 355 438 96 373 26 211 352 498 149


Kevin Stuchbury (1) and Tristan Jackson (101) winning the National Pairs trophies at the end of two tough days racing. 5 pairs of drivers in the running to win the trophies at the start of day two; it was a close run thing to the end.