V8 mission statement & Behaviour Responsibilities

Mission Statement

The Board of Control are here to work for the longevity of V8 hotstox oval motorstport. V8 Hotstox has been, and will always be, a grass roots oval motorsport. It’s an entry level formula and should always be budgeted as such. The BOC believe stock parts should be used where possible and the atmosphere around the sport should be that of a club where its members pull together for the good of the sport. The BoC will always aim to continue to improve the safety for drivers racing a V8 hotstox. Finally, the BoC will work closely with BriSCA, the BMB and the ORCi to ensure the overall package of V8 hotstox Stockcar racing continues to be an excellent product for the paying spectator.

V8 Hotstox Board of Control

Behaviour Responsibilities

The Board of Control wish to remind you that our motor racing is a hobby and as such it should be enjoyed. We understand it’s a contact motorsport and again we wish to remind you that the action must remain on the track. Contact oval motor racing has survived based on fierce competition on the track and a comradery between its drivers and teams off the track.

Anti-social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated whether it be verbally, physically or online. Punishments in the form of racing bans will be enforced if necessary and while we do appreciate every member and driver, no one is bigger than the formula and no single person or group will be allowed to bring the sport into disrepute.

We all want the same thing and that is for v8 hotstox to continue to flourish into the future and enjoy our racing at weekends. This will only happen with competition on track and good behavioural standards of it. Please think before you speak and do your talking on the track.

V8 Hotstox Board of Control