2017 Roll Of Honour

The Impressive Trophy display.

Grade awards

Period 1:
White: 17 George Riley, Yellow: 137 Sam Jacklin, Blue: 469 Dean Laird

Period 2:

White: 345 Jake Harrhy, Yellow: 328 Michael Boswell, Blue: 409 Luke Maw

Period 3:

White: 517 Ben Kearton, Yellow: 345 Jake Harrhy, Blue: 275 Terry Hawkins

Period 4:

White: 77 Rudi Coleano, Yellow: 117 Rob Scriven, Blue: 324 Shaun Bowman

Whites and Yellow Championship:

1st: Martin Fletcher 482, 2nd: Matthew Young 376, 3rd: Ben Kearton 517.

Northern and Midland Championship:

Olly spencer 498

Incarace gold cup:

Adam Joyce 157

National Pairs championship:

Michael Boswell 328 and Terry Hawkins 275

Supreme championship:

Matt Barnard 69

European Championship:

Luke Maw 409

John Cottrill memorial:

Jon Brown 288

British Championship:

Luke Maw 409

Jon Maw Memorial:

Tom Spencer 298

Under 25s Championship:

Tom Spencer 298

World Championship:
Adam Joyce 157

Bob Radforth Memorial:

Tom Spencer 298

Challenge Series:
1st Nick Blach 160, 2nd Rudi Coleano 77, 3rd Tom Spencer 298

Dave Atkinson Memorial:

Tom Spencer 298

Belle Vue Bowl:

Tom Spencer 298

Shale Points:

Adam Joyce 157

Tarmac points:

Tom Spencer 298

World qualifying points:

Olly Spencer 498

National Points:

Adam Joyce 157

Track of the year: Skegness

Promoter of the year: Matthew Watson -Buxton

Newcomer of the year: George Riley 17

Best appearing car: Luke Maw 409

Entertainer of the year: Darren Cottrill 575

Most improved driver: Olly Spencer 498

Driver of the year: Adam Joyce 157

Encouragement award: Dave Sharp 63

Chairmans choice award: Les Spencer

Novice of the year: George Riley 17

People’s choice: Jon brown 288

A big thank you to the individual photographers for their supplied photos over the year. Thank you also to Sophie Clarke at Victory Lane Awards for her help with the trophies.

Thank you to Martin Fitzgerald for supplying awards night photos.