2018 World Final Preview

After a slight delay it’s finally here…
It’s World Final day!

We have a great grid of cars here, with our drivers singing the tracks praises after our last visit and talent from the front of the grid to the back, today, this could be anybody’s race! Will it go the way of the drivers on the front row, a clean get away and a smooth race? or will we see bumper action from the drop of the green, a action packed grid and everyone on track hungry for the win? I feel like after a action packed year, the great show the Hotstox have put on at every meeting, with a battle for every win and a year of drivers from all grades winning races, it might be option two.

Lets start up the front, where we see our current 2x World Champion starting next to our ex 4x World Champion, #1 Adam Joyce and #131 Kevin Stuchbury. These two will definitely be hungry for it, can Joyce make it a Gold roof hatrick, or will Stuchbury make it 5x and take back the gold roof he lost to his neighbour in 2016, if either of these guys manage to get away they could take the win, they’ve raced hard all year for these places on the grid, but will they be able to get way from a grid full of drivers hungry for the win. Close behind Joyce we see one of our newest drivers #485 Steve Thompson take the inside row 2 spot on the grid, and after a great first full season in the formula, currently battling hard for the national points and taking a few minor championships and memorial trophies already this year, could he come in and take home the gold? He’s made his way up the grades this year starting from the white grade and now hes upto, holding and still winning from superstar, and starting in a great place on the grid, will he be the motivator of some first corner bumper action? Next to him is the #288 car of Jon Brown, who’s also had a great year making it up to superstar grade for the first time and also managing to hold it and win! Brown has been so close to winning a coloured roof in past, we flash back to his memorable battle with #409 Luke Maw at Kings Lynn’s Adrain Flux Arena where they battled lap after lap and we saw Maw just take it at the last corner, and starting on the second row today if he can get the two front runners out the way, he knows he’s fast enough, can he avoid all other drama and drive to victory?
Then we have our foreign entrants, making it a true world final we have guest drivers not only from across the pond but also from across the world. From over the pond we have the well known h231 Daniel Van Spiker. Known mostly by us for his great F1 career over here in the UK making his way up to red grade and racing against our best. Also known for a great F2 career over in holland and racing in both the UK and Holland! Joining him on the third row is NZ98 Blake Ellett. Racing since he was 12, Ellet has had a pretty successful racing career, especially in his adult career where he won the Wellington Club season points 2 years in a row, and raced with the Wellington team for 5 seasons. Both used to racing on loose stuff, and definitely 2 drivers to keep a eye on throughout the race!
And to start the rest of the grid we start with the Spencer brothers starting side by side taking row 4, taking the inside #498 Olly Spencer and outside #298 Tom Spencer, Olly hasn’t quite had the success this year as last but he’s kept his self up there keeping at red and superstar all year, and is also known for good use of his front bumper when he needs it, but starting behind the foreign entrants will he need it, or will be be the one pushing the rest at the front, making the gap and making breaking through. Tom has had a bit of a quieter year, but recently showing is still got it taking a full weekend of final wins just a few weeks ago at Birmingham and Buxton, can he keep the winning streak alive today?
So the first 4 rows take all our superstar drivers and this is where the grid starts to get a little bit interesting, as we start to see our new, young and up and coming talent in the hotstox mixing with our v8 veterans! And as I said earlier the talent makes its way right to the back of the grid this year!
We see the fresh talent of our most recent ministox gradutes such as #8 Catherine Harris in her first season in the Hotstox she’s made it up to red grade also bringing home the National Pairs Trophy near the very start of the year she’s shown great driving skill since coming into the formula, and #69 Matt Barnard now getting used to the rover power of the v8’s and having won a few minor titles already in his time in the Hotstox, he’s qualified for the fifth row inside in todays big race, will all hell break loose infront of him and he miss all the drama and get a lucky break? We also see our surprise European Champion take place in the race #29 Joe Higgins, coming over from the stoxkarts and already having a great start in the Hotstox will he be taking home his second World Final of 2018? Coming over too the hotstox from Formula 2’s and quickly adapting are #491 Paul prest and #173 Ashley Puresy. Both drivers managing to gain some great wins throught their first hotstox season, on both surfaces. Prest taking 2 heat wins in our last shaleway visit. And another first for #490 Craig Thompson, taking home wins, getting himself upto and holding red grade, and after a great start to his career in the hotstox it can only get better.
We see these young guns in the formula mixing it up with some of our best veterans! #117 Rob Scriven and #355 Bryan Andrew showing they’ve still got it after all these years qualifying on rows 6 and 7. After numerous podium finishes will it be finally Andrew’s lucky day? Or after a few years away but coming back with a bang will ex European and British Champion #187 Craig Smith be the man of the hour, bringing home a few race wins recently he’s a driver to watch. Further down the grid, coming back after a injury from our last visit to Stoke Speedway is v8 shale veteran #575 Darren Cottrill. Starting row 12 next to our new European Champion, Higgins, Cottrill is never one to be dismissed, he’s still winning finals on the loose stuff and is used to starting a bit further back on the grid.
Young guns vs Veterans, and Tarmac vs Shale, as we get to see some of our drivers who are normally used to a bit of a harder racing surface mix it up with our drivers who love the loose stuff! #324 Shaun Bowman and #160 Nick Blach are two drivers who a great final winning drivers when it comes to a tarmac track, and #376 Matthew Young also normally a tarmac only driver and having a few of his own wins under his belt, its a treat for us to be seeing them on the new Northampton loose surface as they both take their places on the 5th and 8th rows today. Are they hiding a secret skill? or are the hoping for a dramatic start between the front runners and have a steady run to the flag for themselves? Also mostly seen on tarmac is #64 Simon Sykes, and after a year out in 2017 he came back and showed he hadn’t lost it with a dominant first meeting back at Northampton when it was tarmac earlier this year, but will he have the same luck now it’s the shaleway?
And hiding down the grid we see some of our shale lovers, hiding down on row 8, whos had a great run of recent on the loose stuff and winning the final in our last visit to the shaleway is #222 Guy Jolly, having a quieter start to the year, Jolly has come back to loving shale with three wins in the last two shale meeting can he find that extra gear today and make it four? Also preferring the loose stuff #328 Micheal Boswell, having won the European Championship on shale in 2015, can he use his v8 experience to battle his way though and take the gold? Winning two championships on the trot on shale in 2017, #409 Luke Maw, ex British and European champion, he’s shown he can keep a cool head and the let the pressure on a big race get to him, and after loosing both his chequered roof’s this year, will he be hungry to take home a new roof colour? If there’s any drama up the front and these drivers use their experience and shale skill, a little bit of pushing power it could always go their way.
But if all the drama does unfold and we loose a lot of our front runners, we have these drivers are the back of the grid to pick up the pieces! #77 Rudi Coleno and #482 Martin Fletcher, both had a laid back year just racing as and when, but both managed to make it into the big race, with Coleno only having made one visit to the shaleway back in june and this being Fletchers first visit itll be like a new track for both of them! #525, Amy Jagger, our highest qualifying white top this year, she may not have had a win yet this year, but she’s definitely been close! She’s shown great improvement as the year has gone on, in speed and driving skill, and also scoring the most points of her v8 career so far. We also see the father son due of #439 Jay Kellet and #438 Craig Kellet, both used to the loose stuff, with Craig picking up a win at our first visit to the new shaleway and Jay being a ex superstar star driver in the hotsox two drivers to watch coming through from the back! And to finish our grid we have #552 Declan Gwin and #176 Stephen Young, and after a great show on the loose stuff at the last few meetings with Gwin picking up some great finishes and getting on brilliantly at the last shaleway visit and Young having a recent win at Buxton Raceway on the tarmac they make a very fast back row!

Ladies and Gentleman, that’s our drivers and with a big thank you to Arrowsmith Electrical ltd.on sponsoring the Brisca v8 Hotstox 2018 World Final race.
After a bit of a wait its finally time.
Drivers. Start your engines!

But lets not forget…
Also today, in the meeting final, our drivers will be racing for the Bob Radforth Memorial Trophy, in honour of the Radforth family who have all taken part in the formula! This prestigious trophy is raced hard for every year as it’s one all drivers want their name on. Can #298 Tom Spencer keep his name on it for another year or will we see a new name on the Bob Radforth Memorial Trophy.