2019 J.Davidson & Tengtools World Championship

Its here…

We are ready to make way up to Skegness Stadium for our J.Davidson Scrap Metal Processors, Tengtools 2019 World Championship Final!

Sunday 13th October!

Looking comfy taking the pole seat on the day is x4 Hotstox World Champion #131 Kevin Stuchbury! and after a very consistent year its the perfect seat for him to be in, but then we do have the rest of the grid behind who will be trying to stop him! #498 Olly Spencer has had a great year, another very consistent driver, but him and the two men sitting on row two #466 Jacob Downey and #187 Craig Smith aren’t afraid of using a bit of bumper power! With Craig a ex British and European Champion he’s yet to take the gold, will this year be his year? But Jacob in his first Hotstox season has taken the second row inside seat, its been a dream first season for him can he end it with the gold roof? or can #485 Steve Thompson take it? Taking home the British Championship earlier this year and after being so close last year, starting a little further back will he be pushing through to the front? or will #288 Jon Brown be able to use his great tarmac form in his new tarmac car to take home the gold? or will it all happen between the first few drivers and one of our high qualifying shale drivers sneak through for the win? We have 3 of our shale specialists sitting at the top end of the grid, #222 Guy Jolly, #575 Darren Cottrill and #491 Paul Prest! Our youngest driver in the top 10 #69 Matt Barnard, after a 3rd in the British at Hednesford he’ll be one praying for rain after taking the Aldershot meeting final win in the wet! Also starting a little further back we see #298 Tom Spencer, but we know Tom has some great tarmac speed and has recently taken home the 2019 Supreme Championship, can he take the world along side?
Will we be seeing our first female World Champion? with it being the BSCDA’s ladies of Brisca year our ladies have been showing some great speed on tarmac this year. Can #8 Catherine Harris take a second gold roof home for 2019 to the Harris household ending the last meeting with a win! #525 Amy Jagger making her way up to blue this year, if it all happens ahead of her shell be there to pick up the pieces, and #154 Sophie Maynard starting the year with a final win, can she finish with the gold?
Or maybe a veteran from further back can use their experience to get through the busy grid, #117 Rob Scriven and #355 Bryan Andrew have their fair share of World Finals under their belts, is it their turn to take home the gold? or new, fearless, young guns could be taking home gold? #552 Declan Gwin has made his way up to red grade this year! #10 Gilen Bullock in his first hotstox season has already taken home some race wins and made blue grade! #176 and #376 Stephen and Matthew Young both have great speed on tarmac, they’ll be battling their way through! or we also have a few Hotstox newbies on the grid #344 Richard smith and #59 Jon Lawrence both shown some great driving talent as Jon took 2nd in the European Championship this year and Richard has managed to grab himself a win up in the hills of Buxton Raceway.

Or some of our lower grader talent on the grid? #402 James Billows and #63 Dave Sharp have both managed to climb the grades with year, with Dave making up to blue and James improving greatly over the season as he ended the last meeting with his highest single meeting points score! #174 Richard Pursey had a unlucky start to this season after bringing out the rebuilt ex Hawkins Hire car looking like a total new car, it took a while to get it right with mechanical failures letting him down, but getting by the issues lady luck took his side as he managed to bag his seat in his first world final!  And after a year out #182 Dave Cheetam has managed to keep steady points throughout this year to earn his seat on the grid! After a quieter year for #324 Shaun Bowman hes still managed to bag a mid grid seat, along with #482 Martin Fletcher #149 Marc Radforth and #12 Micheal Scriven, all with a few 2019 race wins between them, showing they’ve still got it even with a bit of time out! Also a quieter year for #438 Craig Kellet and #490 Craig Thompson, both drivers yet to take a 2019 win, if it all happens at the front and the yellows are called you cant count them out!

And lets not forget out overseas entrants, who will battle it out in the time trials to decide where they’ll begin on rows 3 & 6 on the day! H54 Xander van Wijlick, H410 Jelle Tesselaar, H525 Nigel de Kock and H318 Rick Lenssen all drivers of great skill and we’re excited to have them as part of our grid! Will they be causing some first corner mayhem? or will we be seeing our first overseas V8 Hotstox World Champion?

This is going to be a race not to be missed, with great talent and speed throughout the grid, and with it really could be anybodies race!
Skegness Stadium, Sunday 13th October!
Drivers. Start. Your. Engines!


2019 J.Davidson Scrap Metal Processor & Tengtools World Championship Final Grid

#131 Kevin Stuchbury Row 1 #498 Olly Spencer

#466 Jacob Downey Row 2 #187 Craig Smith

Overseas Entrant Row 3 Overseas Entrant

#69 Matt Barnard Row 4 #288 Jon Brown

#222 Guy Jolly Row 5 #485 Steve Thompson

Overseas Entrant Row 6 Overseas Entrant

#491 Paul Prest Row 7 #8 Catherine Harris

#575 Darren Cottrill Row 8 #154 Sophie Maynard

#59 Jon Lawrence Row 9 #117 Rob Scriven

#298 Tom Spencer Row 10 #344 Richard Smith

#552 Declan Gwin Row 11 #174 Richard Pursey

#182 Dave Cheetam Row 12 #10 Gilen Bullock

#402 James Billows Row 13 #63 Dave Sharp

#324 Shaun Bowman Row 14 #482 Martin Fletcher

#525 Amy Jagger Row 15 #355 Bryan Andrew

#12 Michael Scriven Row 16 #176 Stephen Young

#490 Craig Thompson Row 17 #149 Marc Radforth

#376 Matthew Young Row 18 #438 Craig Kellet