Belle Vue 22nd June 2014

Sunday 22nd June saw 17 V8’s venture to Belle Vue for the Belle Vue Bowl – a fantastic glass bowl trophy; stepped in history with many famous names from the world of Stock Cars etched upon it. As is the norm now with Belle Vue, a superb crowd attended with many local fans making the most of the good weather to take in an afternoon of Stock Car action

Heat 1 saw all cars take to the track with lone white grader on Lloyd Spencer (375) on pole. The grid piled into turn 1 which saw Gary Jackson (423) get caught out after an attack from Guy Jolly (222); Jackson half spun after catching a marker tyre which then caught out the rest of the field; the blue graders and most of the stars ended up in a heap in turn 1; Hayley Wiliams (26) and Jolly ended their chances of a finish; when Williams ended up parked on top of the Jolly machine; yellow flags were then prompted. On the restart Spencer also clipped a marker tyre; taking him out of the running. Kevin Stuchbury (131) shunted Mike Lomax (269) wide into turn 3. Lomax then offered Sam Mee (450) the same treatment a lap later. Mee and Lomax would then engage in a race long battle for position; neither giving an inch and swapping places on most laps. Stuchbury had worked his way into the lead but was coming under pressure from Karl Hawkins (175) with Phoebe Wainman (211) gaining rapidly on the pair also. Darren Cottrill (575) was quietly gaining places and took around back marker Jackson into a spin in the process in turn 1. The lap boards were now out and Wainman had got herself into a position to strike the Hawkins machine; Hawkins demoted into third allowed Wainman to chase down the leader. The next lap saw Hawkins make a mistake and half spun himself allowing the squabbling Lomax and Mee duo to close in. Mee was then sent into a half spin by Lomax with two to run. As the laps wound down Wainman turned in some steady, smooth laps and was right on the back bumper of Stuchbury and at the last bend Wainman nudged Stuchbury offline and tried to sneak up the inside, but Stuchbury got good enough drive to keep ahead; taking the win ahead of Wainman and Hawkins.

Result: 131 211 282 288 157 575 275 151 450 423

Heat 2 saw 14 cars return; with Lloyd Spencer (375) once again; Terry Hawkins (275), after getting caught up in the Heat 1 pile up, once again was out of luck and was spun around by Simon Sykes (64). A lap later saw three more V8’s form a car park after a collection of spins from Jon Brown (288), Guy Jolly (222) and Kevin Stuchbury (131). Phoebe Wainman (211) muscled her way by Sykes; just as Sam Wainwright (227) rattled the fence posts in turn 1. Wainman half spun herself; whilst Sykes had bigger problems; after climbing over the top of Darren Cottrill (575) Sykes found himself rolling over in turn 3. The yellow flags were called for; but driver thankfully ok. At the restart Spencer led them off ahead of Darren Summers (282) in second and Karl Hawkins (175) in third. Cottrill made a lunge at Hayley Williams (26) on the restart moving her aside. Summers had worked his way into the number one spot; but had a rapidly closing Hawkins for company. At the halfway stage the race had started to settle down; but Williams made repeat attempts at the back of Jolly to try and move the Supreme Champion aside; once in turn 3 and then again in turn 1. Cottrill was again making ground and moved Sam Mee (450) over in turn 1. At the chequered flag Hawkins took the win ahead of Summers in second and Wainman in third.

Result: 175 282 211 275 131 26 288 575 450 227

The Belle Vue Bowl Final was up next which saw 13 cars return; a good effort from Mike Lomax (269) in the pits saw the back axle of the 269 car removed; repaired and replaced just in time for the Final. Lloyd Spencer once again took up the mantle of pole position and led them off; Terry Hawkins (275) was all over the place at the start; just holding it together for the first corner. Kevin Stuchbury (131) was an early casualty sending himself into a spin in turn 1 whilst Hayley Wiliams (26) did the same in turn 3. Jon Brown (288) and Darren Summers (282) were your early leaders, Brown just getting the edge after shunting Summers out wide. Simon Sykes (64) was again in trouble spinning around in turn 3. Summers got himself back in front; over hauling Brown in the process. Stuchbury was making up for lost ground and shunted Darren Cottrill (575) wide in turn 3. Sykes spun again and this time caught out Karl Hawkins (175) who carried just enough momentum to keep going. Phoebe Wainman (211) spun around in turn 1; but was unable to restart; thus formed a chicane on the inside of the turn. Cottrill and Stuchbury were locked in battle exchanging bumpers as the laps wound down. Hawkins (175) was spun around by Sam Wainwright (227) in turn 3 just before the halfway stage; such was the gap to fourth; Hawkins managed to hold position. Summers held a sizeable leade over Hawkins (275) in second with Hawkins (175) in third. The race settled down at this point with attrition taking it’s toll on the cars; the field spread; but a spun Wainwright held up the leader Summers; allowing Hawkins (275) to close down Summers; the laps wound down and Hawkins bided his time waiting until the opportune last bend to make his move; Hawkins striking the back of Summers enough to unsettle 282 offline and allowing Hawkins under to take the win in first; but was docked two places after the flag; deemed to jump the start by the steward. This meant Summers picked up the win, Hawkins (175) in second and Hawkins (275) in third.

Result: 282 175 275 575 131 269 227 NoF