Bradford – 16th April

Back at Bradford

This weekend saw the first trip out to Bradford since the World Final last year. With the new promoters in charge, a lot of work had gone into the track and it looked really good!

The day started with a nostalgic twist, with some of the F1 superstars from yesteryear taking to the track to try and beat lap times set by their sons. Great to watch some of the older gents who helped to make the sport what it is today, and showing that they still had it too, even in a machine which would be vastly different than what they were used to.The V8's had 2 heats, final and national, and with World Final Qualifying points up for grabs, and it being the only time the drivers could get the car set ups right before the British later on in the year, it was set to be a good one. A good field of 20 cars meant an action packed nights racing was on the cards.

Heat 1 was a good one, with a damp track meaning everyone was trying to find a bit of grip. The lower graders really made use of it, and some good battles were had throughout the whole grid. The battling reds, combined with fast blue and yellow graders meant a gap appeared and the top guys had it all to do. A great drive had by 77 Rudi Coleano showed he was not to be caught, and took home the win in Heat 1.

Heat 2 was more of the same, but with the higher graders settling in a bit more for this one it made it harder for the lower graders to get the clean break they were after. A few laps in and Craig Thompson had a spectacular rollover, with Billows taking a bit of the brunt but overall escaping with light damage from the situation. The yellows bunched up the grid and made for some great racing. The higher graders really benefitting from the yellow flags and battling for the top spots, but Jon Brown was the one to take the lead and bring it home.

The racing had settled in nicely leading up to the Final, and plenty of work on the track in-between races too. Again, a slightly slippy start, but overall a good surface for some shale racing. All grades got off to a good start, with a good handful of blues and yellows hanging on to the top spots for a good amount of the race, and getting the elbows out too. Again, a great race for Coleano who managed to get a good distance between him and the chasing pack. Craig Smith drove a brilliant race having not had the best of luck in the heats, but running out of time to take the top spot. The final podium place going to Matt Barnard, who did well in all his races for the first time out at the track after his year out. Steve Thompson tangled right on the last bend and lost out from his 4th place and ended up with a DNF.

After a few bits of damage and incidents for various drivers throughout the night meaning a few sadly weren't able to make the Grand National, but a healthy pack of cars still managed to make it and provide a great race for the spectators. The wettest race of night meant a steady start, but after the whites and yellows came together on lap 2 it bunched up the grid and everyone was battling well for their positions. Jay Kellett and Hannah Andrew managed to make it through well but the higher graders slowly reeled them in and Andrew lost the top spot with just a few laps to go. Stuchbury taking home the win and Jon Brown recovering after suffering from a flat tyre which ruined his final, to taking second in the National.

Altogether a great nights racing from all grades, with a great crowd and a great track. A big thank you to Yorstox and we are looking forwards to the British Championship race here later in the season.

Report by Matthew Young

Heat 1

Winner: 77 Rudi Coleano

Full result: 77, 288, 1, 131, 187, 365, 355, 69, 439, 176, 525, 350

Heat 2

Winner: 288 Jon Brown

Full result: 288, 1, 131, 69, 355, 525, 439, 350, 365, 182, 176, 102

Stables Garage & NJ Site Services LTD Meeting Grand Final

Winner: 77 Rudi Coleano

Full result 77, 187, 69, 131, 350, 490, 439, 453, 355, 365, 402, 176

Grand National

Winner: 131 Kevin Stuchbury

Full result: 131, 288, 69, 350, 439, 77*, 187, 355, 344, 176, 365, 525