European Championship – 30th July

131 takes take the European!

Kev Stuchbury takes the European V8 European Championship

Race was contested at Northampton last weekend where In a chaotic fast paced race saw an early lengthy stoppage when 222 Guy Jolly and 453 Tommy Andrew locked themselves together; this gave the recovery crew quite the headache!

On the restart Gilen Bullock 10 took up the running only to be reeled in and passed by Jon Brown 288 still chasing his 1st major; by now Kevin Stuchbury 131 had moved through steady and set about chasing down the top 2. He made light work of Bullock and with the lapboards out a well timed hit on Brown sent him wide and then bit of tactical driving from Kev saw the 131 pilot hold Brown out to the fence and then floor it to storm away to claim the European Championship a title he last won in 2019

Well done Kevin!

3rd #10 Gilen Bullock

2nd #288 Jon Brown

1st #131 Kevin Stuchbury

Full race result: 131, 288, 10, 1, 575, 176, 344, 187, 490, 525, NOF