Hednesford – 3rd April

Fast and furious!

Hednesford 3/4/2022, sponsored by Car Take Back.

The 2nd meeting of the V8 Votstox season took us to the Hednesford Hills, our fast tarmac meeting of 2022 and it definitely threw our drivers in at the deep end.

With a 3 race meeting format, The Incarace Gold Cup took the lead, and certainly proved to be serious Stock Car race! After an early shunt for 553 Dannie Schoales who sadly didn't didn't really pass the the green flag, an intriguing battle ensued with 15 Andy Maynard, 376 Mathew Young, 131 Kevin Stutchbury and 355 Bryan Andrew after trading places for the final 3 laps; with a huge last bend hit involving all 4 cars going bumper to bumper into the final corner! This left 131 Kevin Stuchbury taking the chequered flag, with 355 and 376 coming off worst with a load of damage. 1 Steve Thompson snuck through for a podium place with 15 Andy Maynard 3rd.

Heat 2 was a quieter affair with 15 Andy Maynard racing away to the chequered with 262 Camey Dorrell driving a good race from Red grade to come home in a solid but distant 2nd, from 355 Bryan Andrew in 3rd. The Car Take Back sponsored final race was another fast paced, typical Hednesford style race, with Maynard again racing away at the start but as the lap boards came out a fast charging Stutchbury whittled the gap down passing the #15 car with 2 laps to go, resulting in the World Champ 1 Steve Thompson rounding out the top 3.

Car Take Back Incarace Gold Cup (Heat 1)

Winner: #131 Kev Stuchbury,

Full result: 131, 1, 15, 376, 288, 262, 69, 10, 490, 355, 453, 365

Heat 2

Winner: #15 Andy Maynard,

Full result: 15, 262, 355, 131, 1, 365, 288, 525, 10, 490, 376, 453

Car Take Back Grand Final

Winner: #131 Kev Stuchbury,

Full result: 131, 15, 1, 490, 262, 288, 365, 525, 355, 69, 376, 463

A huge thank you once again to our meeting sponsor, Car Take Back, and thank you to all of our drivers and their teams for attending, onto Northampton Shaleway!