LET'S GO RACING! - King's Lynn, 19th March

Chat with Keith Organ

Racing season is upon us! And what a fantastic venue to kick off the 2022 V8 Hotstox season with, none other than the Adrian Flux Arena - One of the UK's premier short oval venues...

Keith Organ, Social Media Manager at Trackstar Racing and Ex V8 Chairman spoke with us and said, "It’s great to hear the V8’s have a bit of a buzz about them again and I’m looking forward to them kick starting their year at King’s Lynn; racing for WQ points in March, with a rare second meeting to look forward to in August for the John Cottrill Memorial."

"The V8’s will always have a special place in my heart, I don’t get to see them too often with commitments at Trackstar, but I’m looking forward to watching them on the 19th March."

"They are always good entertainment at King’s Lynn and hopefully we can get 20/25 of them there, which will be perfect for the night."

"The best thing with V8’s, whilst Kev Stuchbury (131) is of course the main man across the year, there’s so many talented drivers that can take the chequered flag", continuing to say "there’s not one driver that will clean up – that is testament to the V8’s."

"It’s going to be a great night and hopefully a great year for them, roll on the 19th. . . maybe not literally roll on, we don’t need another race of four or five rollovers – I lost count how many it was in that heat!.

"Bring on the 19th! Good luck to you all."

As Keith says, it's going to be a meeting packed full of action and the club can't wait to see every driver back on track, hopefully we'll see some nice shinny cars too!