BoC Statement

Roof Plate

Can all drivers please note that the rule for the roof plate was changed for 2019 as shown below. There are 6 cars that were raced last year on a pink ticket because although the roof plate had been changed the measurements weren’t as per the new ruling – these were #402 James Billows, #146 Grant Leather, #491 Paul Prest, #350 Hannah Andrew, #485 Steve Thompson and #193 Sharlotte Lewis. All cars must comply with this ruling before being allowed to race in 2020.

The roof plate shall be a minimum of 610mm (24”) long by x 640mm (25”) wide and a minimum of 5mm thick. There must also be a minimum of 580mm (23”) width between the roll cage hoops at head position. The plate must be fully welded on all four sides to the roll cage and to the front and rear cross members. These cross members should be roll cage material 1 7/8 o/d.

Brake Pads

The BoC have decided that as the controlled brake pads have now been used by the Blues, Reds and Superstars, on the front for tarmac only, for the past two seasons it’s time to implement this rule for all grades. This means that from the start of the 2020 season ALL drivers must have Mintex 44 pads purchased from the V8 Hotstox Board (Paul Young) in the front on tarmac. These pads are stamped so can be checked at any time. The pads are priced at £56.50 for 4 pot calipers and £50.50 for 2 pot, please contact Paul on 07711956978 to buy them.


Please also note the recent ruling by the ORCi that all formulas (apart from Adult Bangers) must use Raceceivers from the start of the 2020 season. There are 3 types, Yellow, Blue and Red, the general consensus from drivers who already use them in other formulas is that the Red ones are of a better quality, these can be bought from the BSCDA at accost of £95, Spedeworth Fabrications are selling the yellow ones, and these are currently used by the National Ministox so it maybe worth seeing if anybody who is finishing Minis and not going into another formula has a secondhand one for sale.

-V8 Hotstox BOC

Also a couple of safety issues were discussed at a recent Board meeting and as a result there are 2 new rule changes –

1) Cast flywheels must not be lightened,

2) Viscose fans must not be drilled and bolted solid.

If you need any further info or help with a replacement please contact a member of the BOC.