British Championship: Preview

Photo credit Jonny Goss

The British Championship meeting needs no hype; a full on night of Stock Car racing – F1’s, V8’s and Minis – will be on the bill to celebrate 60 years of the British Stock Car Drivers Association – of which we are affiliated and are honoured to be part of this historic meeting.

Previous winners are a who’s who of Stock Car racing from the Northern and Southern scene. This year two British Championship winners; Darren Cottrill (575) and the current champion Kevin Stuchbury (1) head the star studded line up; where a big turnout of cars is expected – the most in attendance since the heydays of the early 1990’s, it’s been close to topping 40 cars in recent times; but will this be the night?

The drivers will race in two of three heats; then the final will be gridded according to how many points drivers score in those heats; highest point scorers to the front.

Read on to see how some of those with a good chance think they will do, can Stuchbury make history and set the record of most British Championship wins? Chris Fort and Stuchbury share 3 wins a piece, will it be win number 4?

Kevin Stuchbury (1) – ‘I can’t wait! If it’s like the Finals last week at Skegness where there was plenty of cars; it should be a good race. The car was quick at Skegness, so yeah I stand a good chance, but it is Stock Car racing though!’

Hayley Williams (26) – ‘I think it’ll be a good, hard race with lots of action. I hope and I think I have as much chance as everybody else on that track. My car seems to be performing amazingly lately, only time will tell’

Phoebe Wainman (211) – ‘I’m really excited about the British; obviously I’ve got my new tarmac car out and we managed to get the set up pretty good at Skegness, so hopefully it will be fast. I don’t tend to worry about big races, it’s just one race, it’s like a final. Obviously I want to win it but I don’t get nervous, anyone could win it. I am excited though, I think the racing will be good and it’s F1 + Mini British too; so I’ll be watching; Dad, Uncle and Brother! It’ll be a really good meeting!’

Tom Spencer (298) – ‘I’m excited about it; I know the car goes well there; it will just depend on who can stop Stuchbury. I have my eye on the win, but we will see; it will depend how quick I am.’

Bryan Andrew (355) – ‘I’m aiming for a top three finish; hopefully if luck is on my side. I have the equipment for a good shot at it and will be working on the car every hour until Saturday. I’ve not had the chance to run the new car at Northampton and it is very different to my older car. This one is second to the World Final, I would definitely like to win. If anyone has a bag of luck they could sponsor me; please get in touch!’

Olly Spencer (498) – ‘I’ll be looking to get on a good row; hopefully have a clean and tidy race. The finish will depend on the start, hopefully finish top 5. It’s my dream to be racing in big races like this!’

Who wins? Find out Saturday 30th at Northampton, check back at the booking list for running order and heat splits here.

Revisit the second half of last year’s race following a caution period.

Previous winners

1984       –              Not Run

1985       7              Nigel Parker

1986       69           Paul Lomax

1987       190         Len Wolfenden

1988       69           Paul Lomax

1989       250         Keith Chambers

1990       354         Richard Ainsworth

1991       250         Keith Chambers

1992       161         Mark Eaton

1993       180         Ray Witts

1994       180         Ray Witts

1995       98           Peter Scott

1996       244         Mick Rogers

1997       58           Terry O’Connor

1998       8              John Driscoll

1999       98           Peter Scott

2000       244         Mick Rogers

2001       130         Mick Greenwood

2002       575         Darren Cottrill

2003       213         Chris Fort

2004       –              Not Run

2005       –              Not Run

2006       213         Chris Fort

2007       131         Kevin Stuchbury

2008       161         Mark Allen

2009       3              Chris Fort

2010       159         Carl Radforth

2011       187         Craig Smith

2012       131         Kevin Stuchbury

2013       187         Craig Smith

2014       131         Kevin Stuchbury