Coventry 18th July 2015

James Bowles Photography

Coventry 18th July; 30 cars attended prompting a two thirds format. Heat one gridded with 20 cars and went the way of Jon Brown (288) who after a mid race caution called for a rolled over Lee Summers (281), stormed to the front; no one even close to catching, the star graders failing to make an impact after being embroiled in a mid-race battle. Heat 2 saw Shane Geary (478) take his first shale win; enjoying a battle with Terry Hawkins (275) in the closing laps will make the victory sweeter. Hawkins gave it his best shot, with two to run Hawkins lunged at the back of Geary machine into turn 3, into turn 1 Hawkins made contact harder sending Geary off line, Geary and Hawkins side by side down the back straight; Geary nipped in behind Hawkins and lunged into the final turn, Hawkins sent wide enough to allow Geary to sneak under in a drag race to the line. The final and third heat saw Hawkins take victory and much like Brown earlier stormed to the front and did not look like he would be caught.

The Feature Final gridded with 24 cars the race settled down with Cottrill and Stuchbury the main threats for the victory progressing well through the field, but then once the lap boards appeared, all hell broke loose; Darren Cottrill (575) was rattled hard into the third turn by Kevin Stuchbury (1); Cottrill tried to regain composure, but could not find momentum and slowly struggled down the home straight, meanwhile the pack tried to find a way by and before long 10 or so cars were bunched together to get by; cars everywhere down the home straight and long time race leader Jon Brown (288) had also had run in to problems with a spin in turn 1, not many could work out who was now in the lead, a collection of cars had started to come to rest in the third turn made an obstacle course In the final laps. As it happens, the last bend was carnage aided by the gaggle of cars littering the turn, Phoebe Wainman (211), Bryan Andrew (355) and Terry Hawkins (275) all fell by the wayside caught out in the last bend melee. Those in the know were able to declare Gary Jackson (423) the winner, his second Coventry Final of the year; with Stuchbury in second and Brown recovering for third; the rest of the result was then declared after some working out.

Heat 1: 288 157 423 575 1 450 222 179 26 376
Heat 2: 478 275 423 227 64 450 157 96 355
Heat 3: 275 281 26 575 179 227 1 96 355 478
Final: 423 1 288 157 525 450 96 64 275 328


James Bowles Photography