Coventry 2nd August 2014

The second Coventry session of 2014 saw 26 V8’s arrive for the first Challenge series round, Stephen Young (176) and Simon Hughes (550) trying shale out for the first time; 25 of these cars took to the track for heat 1. Lloyd Spencer (375) took up pole position and led them off at the start. Lee Summers (281) made a welcome return to the track; but soon found himself clattering the turn 1 armco just as Steve Bowman (314) rattled Jon Brown (288). Darren Cottrill (575) made a great start and launches the blue grade out the way. Novice Laurence Collins (490) caught turn 1 wrong and half spun. Waved yellows were called for as Hayley Williams (26) was broadside across turn 3. Spencer was your leader, with Glyn Daft (96) in second and Brown in third. Karl Hawkins (175) wasted no time on the restart and lunged at the back of Rob Scriven (117), just as Steve Lilley (433) and Richard Arrowsmith (179) collided. The battling Hawkins and Scriven duo were again in trouble when the pair clashed out towards the fence. Phoebe Wainman (211) quickly nipped underneath but she was soon knocked wide the next turn as Karl’s brother Terry (275) did the same to Daft. Michael Boswell (328) joined the action and battled Wainman who in turn used Guy Jolly (222) as a cushion. Cottrill had been joined Terry Hawkins (275) and Kevin Stuchbury (131) The lap boards were out for Spencer who still held a healthy lead; as the laps wound down the race between Cottrill and Hawkins (175) hotted up with Hawkins making repeated strikes at the back of the 575 machine to move him over; a collision between Lilley, Summers and Simon Hughes (550) saw the three cars end in a heap in turn 3; Summers quickly rejoining. At the last bend Hawkins attempted an attack on Cottrill, but to no avail. Spencer taking the win, his second at Coventry in two meetings.

Result: 375 575 175 131 275 222 328 314 478 281

Heat 2 saw 25 cars return, with Sam Mee (450) an addition after arriving too late for the first heat. Sam Wallwork (319) took up pole position on much drier track conditions than the first heat; at the drop of the green Lloyd Spencer (375) was quick into the first corner and took up the lead. Shane Geary (478) took a spin in turn 1 just before Glyn Daft (96) did the same in turn 3; Daft was collected by the chasing pack including a host of blue graders. Karl Hawkins (175) battled with Tom Spencer (298) with Kevin Stuchbury (131) for close company. Lee Summers (281) was making an attempt at moving Hayley Williams (26) aside, but the pair came to an abrupt stop in the back straight when they clashed and were left facing the wrong way. Rob Scriven (117) was coming giving a lap down Daft some agro and moved the 96 car wide. Whilst Darren Cottrill (575) and Karl Hawkins (175) continued their heat 1 battle with repeat strikes from the 175 car on the back of 575. Hawkins eventually getting the upper hand on Cottrill, Steve Bowman (314) came under pressure from Scriven and the 314 machine was moved aside into third. The lap boards were soon out and Spencer still had a sizeable lead over second, Guy Jolly (222) and Phoebe Wainman (211) fought for the same piece of track as Sam Mee (450) struck Michael Boswell (328) in the final stages. At the chequered flag Spencer took the win with Scriven claiming second and Hawkins taking third.

Heat 2: 375 117 175 575 131 328 450 298 314 423

The Feature Final attracted 23 cars back with James Cobley (309) on pole. Lloyd Spencer (375) made his move on Cobley to snatch the lead into the first turn. Guy Jolly (222) was also quick to make his attack and shunted Sam Mee(450) wide. Darren Cottrill (575) was also quick to establish himself in the race and found a way passed Terry Hawkins (275), Sam Mee (450) was again in trouble whilst trying to navigate by Shane Geary (478) the pair half spun, Mee recovering quickest, barely losing any time only to be bundled in to by the hard charging Gary Jackson (423) and Jolly. Karl Hawkins (175) was sent into a spin the back straight by Kevin Stuchbury (131). Cobley entered the home straight wrong and snaked along the straight eventually catching out  Lee Summers (281).  Rob Scriven (117) was again showing good pace and lunged at Hayley Williams (26) whilst Jackson and Sam Wallwork (319) came to grief in turn 1 both in a spin. Stuchbury had worked his way through the pack and caught upto Cottrill. Cottrill was on the receiving end of a lunge from Stuchbury which moved him aside in turn 1, Cottrill not giving up without a fight returned the compliment into turn 3. At the halfway stage Spencer was the leader by a good margin with Mee in second and Scriven third. Michael Boswell (328) further down the order took a lunge at Phoebe Wainman (211) Stuchbury had now moved on Terry Hawkins (275) and battled him for third place. Stuchbury getting by Hawkins as the lap boards came out, Cottrill also took advantage of the delayed Hawkins to sneek through. Williams was holding on to the last top ten place and Wainman was attempting to take this off her; but at the flag Williams held the advantage. Spencer took the win, followed by Mee and Scriven. Mee however was removed post race for jumping the start and allowed Stuchbury in to third.

Final: 375 117 131 575 275 423 328 433 298 26

19 cars made one final appearance of the night for the Grand National; Lloyd Spencer (375) taking up the half lap handicap left James Cobley (309) on pole. At the start Phoebe Wainman (211) took a lunge at Karl Hawkins (175); Wainman though lost in the next bend and spun around only to be collected by Simon Hughes (550). Rob Scriven (117) hit the back of Steve Lilley (433) whilst Sam Wallwork (319) and Hayley Williams (26) clashed in the back straight. Waved yellows were called for and on the restart Steve Bowman (314) led them off, Tom Spencer (298) and Darren Cottrill (575) spun in turn 3 shortly after the green as Michael Boswell (328) made a bid for the lead. Boswell worked his into the number one spot, but Bowman returned the favour and took the lead back. Another caution period was called for after a host of lower graders got it wrong in the home straight and were left in a vulnerable position. Boswell led the restart followed by Scriven, Hawkins and Kevin Stuchbury (131). Guy Jolly (222) nudged the back of Bowman further down the order just chaos broke out up front, Scriven made his bid for the lead in to turn 3 moving Boswell aside, down into turn 1 the top four were together for the last time, coming out turn 2 something had to give and Hawkins was first to loose it snaking it down the back straight eventually losing the back end into a spin entering turn 3, Hawkins caught Scriven mid spin taking them both out the running, letting Stuchbury to sneak through the middle of the group into the lead and take the win at the last, Hawkins recovering swift enough for second and Lilley snuck through into third.

GN: 131 175 433 328 314 222 298 319 151 176


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