Coventry 5th June 2015

An unusual Friday night Coventry session 5th June drew 23 cars in search of valuable WQ points and racing for the John Cottrill Memorial trophy in the meeting final.

21 cars entered the arena for heat 1; Lloyd Spencer (375) starting pole position led the field off. Guy Jolly (222) starting from red for the first time this season, quickly shunted Hayley Williams (26) wide into turn 1 taking Phoebe Wainman (211) too. Williams quickly returned the compliment to Jolly the following bend. Mark Hobbins (266) clashed in the back straight with Johnathon Walmsley (236); Walmsley caught sideways pushed along to the turn; the flat tyre dug in tipping the 236 machine sideways; almost rolling. Jon Brown (288) back on track after a few weeks lay off was quick in to the thick of things battling with Rob Scriven (117). Kevin Stuchbury (1) bundled Wainman into a group of blue graders in turn 3; whilst Williams and Jolly continued their scrap. The halfway stage was signalled just before Steve Bowman (314) was hooked up with Sam Roper (333) in the back straight ending the pairs chances of a top ten finish; the pair quickly untangled. Spencer led from the start and as the lap boards were presented Michael Boswell (328) and Stuchbury were closing in. Stuchbury soon over powered Boswell to go second, but then Spencer made a mistake entering the last lap going wide in turn 1, allowing Stuchbury through into first. Stuchbury though made the same mistake as Spencer in the last bend; a drag race to the line saw Stuchbury just pip the win ahead of Spencer and then Boswell in third. Further back Sam Mee (450) shunted Tom Spencer (298) wide in the last bend to take fifth. Boswell was promoted to second after it was deemed 375 had jumped the start.

Result: 1 328 575 375 450 298 117 222 373 266

Heat 2 fielded 21 cars; Sam Jacklin (137) an extra for his first race and a couple dropping out with problems. Sam Roper (333) started pole led the field off. Hayley Williams (26) and Guy Jolly (222) rekindled their race one battle; Kevin Stuchbury (1) struggling in the early stages with a couple of spins. Darren Cottrill (575) and Phoebe Wainman (211) were enjoying an early race feud; the battling duo were then joined by Jolly. Jon Brown (288) shunted Carl Critchlow (373) wide in turn 3 just before Lee Summers (281) was offered the same treatment by Michael Boswell (328) in turn 1. Further down the order the squabbling red grade trio continued swapping bumpers. Brown made a move for the lead and punted Steve Bowman (314) off line into turn 3; Brown in turn was then knocked around in to a spin by Boswell; the ailing 288 car then collected by Mark Hobbins (266). A trio of lower graders collected the turn 3 armco together as Jacklin snookered Summers into Sam Wainwright (227). Upfront, all eyes on were on the battle for the lead; Bowman not willing to relinquish without a fight crossed the finish line in a virtual dead heat with Boswell. Only once how far back each of the transponders were had been measured could the result be declared; great finish!

Result: 314 328 423 575 211 450 222 137 26 117

A 20 car grid returned for the John Cottrill Memorial Final; Gary Jackson (423) starting pole position. Tom Spencer (298) and Kevin Stuchbury (1) exchanged bumpers at the drop of the green, whilst Hayley Williams (26) was spun around by Sam Mee (450), Phoebe Wainman (211) also spun around in turn 1. Adam Joyce (157) lunged at the back of Darren Cottrill (575), Mee also joining the squabble. Guy Jolly (222) then felt the force of Spencer’s front bumper in to turn 1. Your early race leaders Sam Roper (333) followed by Jackson in second and then Sam Wainwright (227). Lee Summers (281) was knocked out wide by Rob Scriven (117) as Jackson worked his way by Roper to take the lead. Summers was again in bother when he was spun around by Michael Boswell (328). Boswell moved Roper aside; but Roper retaliated in an effort to reclaim his position. The lap boards were soon shown; Jackson still leading with Wainwright in second. Joyce sent Wainman in to a spin as the race wound down. Mee planted Cottrill and Steve Bowman (314) in the final stages; Bowman collected the turn 3 fence in the process. Jackson taking the win and the memorial trophy; followed by Scriven in second and Boswell third.

Result: 423 117 328 333 281 1 450 575 298 314