Coventry 6th June 2015

Coventry 6th June hosted the second major title of the season; with the European Championship on offer – sponsored by Townsend Vehicle Hire. The heat results would determine the grid for the main race; gridded in graded order; the highest point scorers to the front of each grade; non points scorers given the option to grid at the back. 29 cars in attendance to do battle.

27 cars ventured on track for the first heat; Sam Wainwright (227) starting pole led them off. Adam Joyce (157) made a move to shunt Phoebe Wainman (211) aside early on; a gaggle of blues were unsettled in the back straight; Joyce and Wainman getting caught up in the commotion; Joyce ending up broad side across the circuit was collected by Wainman and Rob Scriven (117). Sam Wallwork (319) went for a spin in turn 1 shortly before Sam Jacklin (137) was sent to the turn 1 armco. Rob Jacklin (136) was bumpered wide by a hard charging Tom Spencer (298); just as Wallwork came under attack from Luke Maw (409). Guy Jolly (222) was battling hard in the mid grid with Kevin Stuchbury (1) and Simon Sykes (64) for company. The trio enjoying a tussle for a handful of laps swapping places before Jolly spun Sykes around. The lap boards were out and the laps ticked by quickly, Sam Wainwright (227) not able to be caught took a flag to flag victory; his first in the formula. Spencer had moved up into second by the flag – his best shale result of the year, Michael Boswell (328) following in third.

Result: 227 298 328 575 266 1 281 450 222 355

Heat 2 saw 25 cars return for battle; keen to make it two heat wins; Sam Wainwright (227) punted pole sitter Sam Wallwork (319) wide into the first bend. Darren Cottrill (575) and Adam Joyce reconvened their weekend long battle; trading paint at every opportunity. Kevin Stuchbury (1) spun around in turn 1 shortly before Sam Mee (450) was also spun around by Tom Spencer (298). Simon Hughes (550) came to a stop in the backstraight prompting the yellow flags; Sam Jacklin (137) couldn’t avoid Hughes and run into the back of the 550 car; Jacklin bounced off getting some air time; which then caught Cottrill too; the 575 car getting wedged underneath the 137 machine. The race came to a stop and the cars separated; Cottrill continued as the yellow flags called for the 550 machine prior to the incident. The restart saw Sam Roper (333) lead the pack around, Joyce came under attack from Spencer on the restart as Phoebe Wainman (211) battled her way up the order moving Michael Boswell (328) and Rob Scriven (117) aside. Roper lost the lead after spinning around promoting Wainman to the number 1 spot. Spencer snookered Luke Maw (409) in to Shane Geary (478) as Scriven offered the same treatment to Rob Jacklin (136) and Boswell. The lap boards wound down for Wainman who had a clear lead over Boswell hanging on to second. Entering the last lap the Wainman machine slowed dramatically; coming to a complete stop on the exit of turn 3. Boswell gifted the win; ahead of Scriven in second.

Result: 328 117 324 157 1 355 409 26 478 298

For the main race all available 23 cars grid racing for the Townsend Vehicle Hire European Championship; lone white grader Sam Wainwright (227) started pole; at the drop of the green Darren Cottrill (575) and Adam Joyce (157) jostled for position at the start of what turned into a race long battle; Phoebe Wainman (211) was the first casualty with a spin in turn 3. Wainwright then collected a stricken Scott Bodilly (500) in turn 1 after being shunted wide by the pushing yellow graders. Joyce had slipped back from Cottrill, but was soon under fire from Kevin Stuchbury (1); who in turn was also being pushed by Sam Mee (450). The waved yellows were called for the Bodilly car. Shaun Bowman (324) leading off the restart ahead of Shane Geary (478) in second and Michael Boswell (328) in third. On the restart Stuchbury came under fire from Mee once again In turn 3 holding off the attack, but Stuchbury half spun in turn 1 before being helped all the way around by Mee. Cottrill smelt victory and punted Boswell wide; Joyce also offering the same treatment to Boswell. Cottrill had worked his way into the lead moving by Bowman as the halfway stage was signalled. Another yellow flag was prompted for the stranded Luke Maw (409) machine on the exit of turn 2. Cottrill led off the restart followed by Joyce and Boswell. Joyce lunged at Cottrill on the restart; unable to shift the 575 machine; Boswell then took a dive at Joyce in to turn 3. The lap boards were now being shown; the leading trio bumpered and squabbled for the lead. With 3 to go Joyce lunged at Cottrill half spinning the leader; Joyce then in turn collected the disposed of Cottrill; the pair ending in a heap in the turn 1 armco; promoting Boswell in to the number 1 position and Mee up into second. Bryan Andrew (355) made the final change to the podium bumpering Tom Spencer (298) wide to snatch third; Boswell picking up his first major title victory in the formula and fully deserved!

Result: 328 450 355 298 136 1 117 324 550 525