Coventry 6th September 2014

MSF Stoxpics

Coventry Sat 6th September – World Qualifier

There were 25 cars in attendance, including ex-Ministocker 137 Sam Jacklin making his debut, while 175 Karl Hawkins failed to race, his car only coming out for the Ladies race, which was first on the programme.

Eleven Ladies lined up for their Charity race, which was led away by 222 Melissa Hughes, but 575 Chloe Gwin soon shoved her way through on the inside to take over. 275 Jeanette Hawkins moved into third, before 175 Hannah Chappell spun on the home straight. 222 Hughes then blasted round the outside down the home straight to retake the lead, as 12 Danielle Parker spun on turn 1 to hit a marker tyre after clipping 151 Amanda Lambe. 222 Hughes slowed and her gap advantage reduced, as 151 Lambe spun into the fence off turn 4. 222 Hughes then half spun off turn 4, cutting up 575 Gwin as she did so, allowing 275 Hawkins to take over. Hughes then spun on the home straight, where she was unavoidably T-boned by the following 151 Lambe. The race was immediately halted with Hughes hurt, and with only around a lap to run the result was declared with 275 Hawkins the winner. Hughes was eventually helped away and it is understood she is rather battered and bruised.

Result: 275, 575, 281, 175, 179, 288, 12, 151, 375, 236.

Heat 1 was led by 319 Sam Wallwork, as 112 Jamie Marson spun on turn 1, where 211 Phoebe Wainman and 328 Michael Boswell ran into him, bringing out the yellow flags. 375 Lloyd Spencer soon took the lead on the restart from 423 Gary Jackson and 281 Lee Summers. 227 Sam Wainwright and 96 Glyn Daft tangled on turn 2, Daft spinning as Wainwright rode over the infield kerb down the back straight. 450 Sam Mee moved into third, before bumpering 423 Jackson wide on turn 3 with 2 laps to run. 12 Michael Scriven then barged through on the inside to move into second, as 423 Jackson took out 131 Kev Stuchbury on the back straight. 375 Spencer took the win, as 450 Mee spun 12 Scriven on turn 4 to secure second place, Scriven then squeezing 575 Darren Cottrill towards the home straight fence in the battle for fourth.

Result: 375, 450, 423, 12, 281, 211, 575, 179, 328, 288.

137 Jacklin led the second heat away before going wide on turn 2 to hit the fence. 227 Wainwright spun on turn 2, as 236 Jonathon Walmsley took over the running. The yellow flags then waved for debris on turn 3, with Walmsley leading the restart from 319 Wallwork and 423 Jackson, Wallwork soon shoving past Walmsley. 12 Scriven and 96 Daft tangled on turn 4 with Daft clambering onto Scriven’s bonnet as he spun round, with the yellow flags again coming out for the stranded 211 Wainman who was stuck on the racing line. The restart saw 423 Jackson leading from 281 Summers and 236 Walmsley, with 131 Stuchbury spinning 298 Tom Spencer on turn 4. 288 Jon Brown started motoring at this stage and hit 117 Rob Scriven into turn 3, nearly sending him into the fence, before passing 281 Summers and then 319 Wallwork to move into second. Brown then closed on the leading 423 Jackson, but the laps ran out and Jackson took the win.

Result: 423, 288, 281, 117, 450, 275, 12, 131, 298, 179.

137 Jacklin led the field away for the Final as 281 Summers barged 288 Brown wide on turn 4. 423 Jackson spun on turn 2, before 375 Spencer spun 227 Wainwright on turn 1, where he was collected head-on by 131 Stuchbury, Stuchbury spinning along with 275 Hawkins. 288 Brown overhauled 281 Summers to move into second, as 450 Mee shoved 375 Spencer wide on turn 3. Brown reeled in and passed 137 Jacklin for the lead and drove away from him. 211 Wainman spun off turn 4, before 423 Jackson spun 117 Scriven on turn 4. The backmarking 131 Stuchbury unlapped himself, 288 Brown then putting in the bumper into turn 1 thinking Stuchbury had taken the lead, but spun himself, as 236 Walmsley ran into Stuchbury. 137 Jacklin found himself back in the lead and went on to take the win, while 12 Scriven dished out a last bender on 450 Mee in the battle for third, Mee hitting the fence as Scriven spun himself.

Result: 137, 222, 179, 328, 12, 298, 423, 288, 211, 117.


Words: David Whiting