Coventry 7th June 2014

Hawkins takes leg 1 of Anniversary Champs

Coventry 7th June – 30th Anniversary Championship Day 1 – 26 cars

Heat one commences with 26 cars on track; a good turn out for the 30th anniversary weekend. 375 Lloyd Spencer leads them off with 227 Sam Wainwright the first to spin around. 157 Adam Joyce is doing well living up to his many wins and pushing 324 Shaun Bowman wide to gain a place; leaving Bowman now stranded on turn 4. 423 Gary Jackson goes for a spin while long time absentee 282 Darren Summers returns to the fore and is going well. 328 Michael Boswell is going well too as he spins 96 Glyn Daft to gain an advantage. Wainwright is getting blacked flagged for a lose wheel guard while 222 Guy Jolly loses it on turn 2 whilst 288 Jon Brown is stranded on the back straight. The fight for the lead hots up between 175 Karl Hawkins and 375 Spencer in the last few laps as 275 Terry Hawkins brother to Karl is stranded on turn 2; Karl though takes the win!

Result: 175, 375, 282, 328, 478, 497, 117, 131, 575, 157

Heat two time and all cars come out on track again with Lloyd 375 taking an early lead.just as Boswell nearly takes an early spin. 211 Phoebe Wainman spins around while Summers nearly goes around with Brown but quickly recovers. Jolly pulls off as Wainman gets going again. 497 Marc Holmes is going well as he spins Brown and on the other side of the track 298 Tom Spencer is pushed wide by leader Lloyd Spencer. A few laps after that 298 Spencer collides with other young gun 450 Sam Mee. Joyce is using his front bumper again while Daft takes out 269 Mike Lomax in the last few laps. Lloyd Spencer who takes the win this time with 275 Hawkins just behind him.

Result: 375, 275, 157, 497, 117, 175, 478, 324, 96, 131

Final time and this time is 309 James Cobley who leads them off and early collision between Boswell and hard hitter Joyce forces them onto the centre. Summers race is over with black flag given to him while Scriven is going very well. Cobley nearly spins around while bumpers going on between Mee and Lomax. 175 Hawkins is fighting off Lomax for a place while 132 Steve Such seems to be struggling. Spencer 298 was having an off nice and spins again. Massive fight for 3rd between Scriven and Daft while 275 Hawkins takes the final win.

Result: 275, 117, 96, 211, 175, 288, 131, 269, 575, 450

Last race of the night and its 275 Hawkins who takes the lap handicap. Bowman and Joyce both collide and go for a spin around together. Whilst 450 Mee and 298 Spencer spin. 478 Shane Geary suffering with a problem came to a halt on turn 4. Lomax goes around on the lose shale while Brown goes for a hit on Summers. 151 Steph Seddon is caught up in the action between Mee and 575 Darren Cottrill and its Cottrill who comes off worse as hes the one that spins around. Brown is going very well but not as well as Hawkins who is about to take the last win of the night.

Result: 175, 288, 117, 328, 131, 282, 211, 450, 227, 26

Next day of the the 30th anniversary Championship weekend is at Northampton who will come out on top?


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