July 2017 Technical Statement

Following recent issues the BOC have been working with the BSCDA , BMB and the ORCI to sort the flywheel situation out . We have been asked to look at another type by the ORCI .This is going to take some time so until it is finally clarified you can carry on using the following but adhering to the weight rules .

It is permitted to use a One piece billet steel flywheel with single plate  7,1/4″ clutch from suppliers TTV racing (distributed through Competition Supplies) or Turbo Sport . These must be profesionally of the shelf items in standard unmodified form and meet a minimum weight for the flywheel only of 3.4kgs. In addition the complete flywheel/clutch assembly (flywheel, Clutch basket, backplate, Clutch plate and retaining bolts (excluding any thrust bearing component or flywheel retention bolt) must be a minimum weight of 5.85kgs  IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO MANUFACTUR YOUR OWN FLYWHEEL.

The clutch , clutch plate and flywheel must be made of metal . No other material is permitted.

An original Manual Rover flywheel is permitted in standard form and it is permitted to use a standard clutch .

You can also carry on using a turned down flywheel with a 7 1/4″ clutch untill a decision has been finalised .

Competition supplies and Turbo sport flywheels must meet the above specifications immediately.

This concludes the discussions and debate around this item.

Further rule clarifications will be discussed and implemented following a directive from the ORCI to tighten up the rulebook and will be advised in due course, in the mean time find details of your new technical committees here: http://www.v8hotstox.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=392

Regards Paul Wainwright.

Chairman of the V8 Hotstox Board of Control