Mildenhall 23rd August 2014

MSF Stoxpics

For the first time in over 25 years, the V8 Hotstox returned to Mildenhall stadium as part of the 30th anniversary season. 16 cars made the long journey to the Suffolk shaleway with World Qualifying points on offer and sponsorship on the meeting final from local fan Graham Read.

Heat 1 was scheduled as a pre meeting race at 5:30 and all 16 made it out. With no white graders in attendance it left Hayley Williams (26) on pole. As expected the first turn to be chaotic due to no—one knowing which line to take. Rob Scriven (117) made a move to stamp his claim on the race and shunted Stephen Lilley (433) aside. Michael Scriven (12) made a slight mistake and spun around in turn 1; Tom Spencer (298) lunged at Terry Hawkins (275) just as a momentary pile up formed catching out the red graders. National points leader Karl Hawkins (175) and Kevin Stuchbury (131) were locked in an early race battle; the pair were then joined by Phoebe Wainman (211) who joined in the fun. Guy Jolly (222) was your leader followed by Lloyd Spencer (375) in second with Sam Mee (450) and Michael Boswell (328) squabbling for third place behind. Steve Bowman (314) struck the back of Darren Cottrill (575) into turn 1. Just as 375 tried to reclaim the lead off Jolly. The half way stage was signalled as 375 became tangled with backmarker Lilley; resulting in the pair spinning into the middle. Your leading trio were all together on track after Jolly lost time with a half spin in turn 1. Third place man Boswell lost in out of turn 1 and spun around; gifting third place to Michael Scriven (12). Tom Spencer (298) was still battling with Terry Hawkins (275) just as Cottrill and Stuchbury fought for position also. Spencer lunged at Wainman sending her to the fence in turn 1 whilst the rest of the star graders battled at the tail end of the field. Mee closed in on leader Jolly in the final laps, but couldn’t quite get close enough to Jolly to make a challenge and Jolly took the chequered flag ahead of Mee in second. Hawkins and Spencer had a coming together in the last bend taking the pair down to the tail end of the results.

Result: 222 450 12 175 314 26 298 117 275 131

Heat 2 returned with all 16 cars again; Lloyd Spencer (375) taking up pole position this time. Stephen Lilley (433) was straight on the attack striking the back of the Rob Scriven (117) machine. Phoebe Wainman (211) was the next in trouble with a spin in turn 3. Kevin Stuchbury (131) after a low key heat 1 planted Karl Hawkins (175) out wide; Hawkins held on to stay in front of the Points champ. Sam Mee (450) was also on the attack; putting hits in to Michael Boswell (328). Stuchbury continued to strike Hawkins in an effort to move him aside, again to no avail. Michael Scriven (12) moved heat 1 winner Guy Jolly (222) over to take second third position, just as Wainman moved the 117 car wide. Darren Summers (282) made a move on leader Spencer and took over the running of the race. Mee was the next casualty with a spin just as Summers came under attack from the flying number 12. Halfway was signalled with Summers just holding on to the lead ahead of Scriven with Hayley Williams moving Jolly over to take third. Further down the order Steve Bowman (314) and Karl Hawkins (175) clashed creating a shower of sparks in the home straight; Bowman slowed enough to allow Hawkins and Stuchbury through. In the closing laps Bowman took a lunge at the other Hawkins on track and Terry (275) felt the full force of the 314 front bumper; Stuchbury finally got the upper hand of Karl (175) and the 175 car was helped around in to a spin. At the chequered flag Michael Scriven (12) took the victory ahead of Summers in second and Williams in third.

Result: 12 282 26 222 131 314 117 275 328 375

14 cars returned for the feature final race; sponsored by local Stock Car fan Graham Read. Steve Bowman (314) took up pole position and at the drop of the green Hayley Williams (26) was straight on the attack lunging at Bowman; At the rear Darren Cottrill (575) fence Stephen Lilley (433) in turn 1; Cottrill clearing a path then took a lunge at Michael Scriven (12). Michael Boswell (328) shunted Sam Mee (450) wide in turn 1. Scriven regained his momentum and took a strike at Kevin Stuchbury (131); Scriven got himself ahead but was soon taken out by Stuchbury. Cottrill was again moving up the order moving Darren Summers (282) aside. Williams your leader; just as Summers and Phoebe Wainman collided in a heap on the outside of turn 1. Williams lead was diminished and she was soon under fire from Boswell (328) closely followed by Rob Scriven (117), Boswell took up the running only for Williams to reliate the next bend snookering Scriven in to Boswell. Boswell though, held the lead; further back Stuchbury and Cottrill were battling for position just as Tom Spencer (298) and Terry Hawkins (275) were also doing the same. The lap boards were soon out and Stuchbury had broken clear of Cottrill and now set his sights on Bowman, Bowman a notorious tough character to move didn’t give an inch to Stuchbury, and Stuchbury duly moved Bowman with force sending the 314 machine in to the turn 1 armco. In the closing laps, Boswell remained in front with Scriven behind and Williams chasing in third; and this remained at the chequered. Wainmans race ended at the last lap board with a pop and a bang as gremlins crept back in on 211’s season.

Result: 328 117 26 131 314 575 275 12 282 433

A great night’s racing for the return to Mildenhall, proving a hit with the Mildenhall regulars; hopefully it won’t be 25 years before the formula can return.


MSF Stoxpics