Skegness 6th August 2015

Skegness 6th August 2015

The traditional Skegness mid-week Thursday August session drew 17 cars to the East Coast for the penultimate WQ round. World Champion Kevin Stuchbury (1) once again lay claim to how dominate his tarmac machine is, but in reality the evening wasn’t quite as one sided as it may seem.

Heat 1 saw all 17 take to the track; the start of the race saw Simon Sykes (64) and Kevin Stuchbury (1) kick off their now customary, opening race battle; exchanging paint turn after turn. Shane Geary (478) and Scott Bodilly (500) then became better acquainted with a trip to the turn 3 fencing. Hayley Williams (26) lunged at Tristan Jackson (101) shortly before Sykes retired from proceedings. Phoebe Wainman (211) was next to come up against Stuchbury as she was shunted aside in to turn 1; as Williams was attacked by Olly Spencer (498). Halfway was signalled and Sam Jacklin (137) headed the charge,  whilst father Steve Jacklin (138) made hard work for Stuchbury to pass over the next handful of laps. Amy Jagger (525) went into a spin just as Jacklin was then shunted wide by Wainman. As the laps wound down Stuchbury closed in on leader Jacklin; with just a lap to go Stuchbury made an aggressive attempt at the lead, the 137 machine sent out wide and unable to return the compliment allowed the World Champ to take the win ahead of Jacklin in second after a great drive.

Result: 1 137 309 211 498 138 26 159 423 101

Heat 2 and 15 cars entered, James Cobley (309) starting pole headed the field. At the drop of the green; Carl Radforth (159) was under attack from Phoebe Wainman (211) into turn 3 as Steve Jacklin (138) who got the jump in to the lead was shunted wide by Cobley in turn 1. Wainman, Kevin Stuchbury (1) and Simon Sykes (64) were locked into battle as the race went on; made more difficult by a spun Amy Jagger (525) machine. The Star grade battle raged on turn after turn; joined by Hayley Williams (26) who then bundled them all into turn 3. Stuchbury caught the break from the group, but not before Williams lunged again at the number 1 machine. The halfway stage was signalled to leader Cobley; Jacklin in second and Stuchbury had climbed to third. Tristan Jackson (101) snaked down the back straight; narrowly avoiding the traffic after getting hooked up. Cobley was soon overhauled in the final lap after being shunted wide allowing Stuchbury taking the win, Cobley second and Sykes third.

Result: 1 309 64 211 26 498 423 138 101 478

15 cars returned once more for the feature final race. Scott Bodilly (500) leading the field off from pole position. Shane Geary (478) went straight on the attack; lunging at Tristan Jackson (101); just as Kevin Stuchbury (1) lunged into Simon Sykes (64) and Carl Radforth (159) in to turn 1. Sykes returned the compliment the next few bends, until Sykes finally got the advantage, Stuchbury went in on Sykes as the pair enjoyed a turn after turn skirmish. It was soon halfway and Sam Jacklin (137) was the man out in front, James Cobley (309) in second and Jackson running third. The race settled down and the laps ticked by, Stuchbury felt the force of Hayley Williams (26) in to turn 3. Into the final stages; Stuchbury had got in to the top three and chased down the leader.  Jacklin looked like he had enough of a gap to hold off, but a mistake in one of the corners allowed Stuchbury in, in to the final lap and Stuchbury was right with Jacklin and in to the last bend the attack came. Jacklin slammed the brakes to halt the Stuchbury train. Round the outside Jacklin drifted to keep momentum with Stuchbury in a drag race to the line, but Stuchbury just pipping the youngster. To round off another great session.

Result: 1 137 64 26 101 498 309 211 478 423