Stoke 26th July 2014

Stuchbury's record equalling third British title

Kevin Stuchbury (131) won the British Championship at Stoke Saturday 26th July. Stuchbury beat a field of 23 cars to take the win.

Karl Hawkins (175), Michael Scriven (12) and Sam Mee (450) took the heat wins before Stuchbury took the feature final race. Scrivens results saw him sit pole position for the main race with Mee on his outside, former champion Stuchbury stood inside row 2 and Hawkins outside. The closed grid format saw the expected chaos on the first few laps with a host of cars coming to rest hard in the turn 1 fence, prompting a caution period. On the restart a race long battle between Scriven and Stuchbury ensued for the number one position. In the closing laps, Stuchbury pulled a couple car lengths over Scriven and a big enough gap to keep Scriven at bay; but Scriven made an attempt at the lead in the last bend with a last bend lunge attack, where Scriven made minimal contact with Stuchbury allowing Stuchbury to take the win.

The win was Stuchbury’s third British Championship win; equalling the record set by Chris Fort (3) in 2009. Congratulations to Stuchbury on his victory.

Heat 1: 175 12 328 26 324 131 222 433 96 1

Heat 2: 450 131 288 324 96 575 328 117 298 175

Heat 3: 12 197 1 450 433 117 298 423 288 nof

British Championship Race: 131 12 275 197 175 117 96 Nof