World Final Preview

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Saturday 11th October @ 6pm, Skegness stadium hosts the 2014 running of the World Final. The 30th anniversary year has seen some of the best racing for a number of years for the V8’s with the formula growing stronger and stronger; can this year’s big race match that of the 2013 running? A rewind of 12 months and Coventry staged the World Final and what a race it was! Carnage; cars everywhere, 5 or 6 lead changes and a Winner that broke formula records! It’s a tall order to live up to that race, but the guys and girls will be doing their best. The grid features just one previous winner Kevin Stuchbury (131); defending champion Chris Bracher (1) has been in semi-retirement for the last few seasons and after a heavy shunt earlier this year has decided to call time on his racing career and retire as a Four time (in a row) World Champ.

Who will win? Good luck to them all, they all deserve their place. May the best man – or woman – win!

World Final Entrants:

131 Kevin Stuchbury (Inside Row 1) from Linden Village, Buckinghamshire  

Stuchbury will be starting as pre-race favourite and is in prime position to take his third World Final crown. The last time Skegness held the WF was in 2008 and Kev won that race; the only previous champion on the grid. WF races have not been kind to Stuchbury in recent years, but tarmac is still a surface in which Stuchbury excels on and has 3 Final wins on the hard stuff this year; one of which comes at Skegness. Often quick on tarmac and he has the experience to fend off the inevitable attacks. If anyone wants the win, they’ll have to go through Kev first!

Skegness 2014 wins: Heats X2 and a Final

175 Karl Hawkins (Outside Row 1) from Towcester, Northamptonshire

Hawkins is hungry for his first major title in the V8’s and has the car this year to do it. Starting exactly where he did in 2013; he will be hoping for more luck. His luck though this year has not been in; with a recent bout of sickness and some reliability issues holding Hawkins back this year. Nonetheless he will be there giving it his all. He could be the one to mount a challenge to Stuchbury early on.

Skegness 2014 wins: Grand Nationals X2

64 Simon Sykes (Inside Row 2) from Stalybridge, Cheshire

Sykes is a former European Champion, winning that race two years ago on tarmac. Sykes has done most of his racing this year on tarmac with good results too; 6 race wins this year including two finals at Birmingham. Only a couple of visits to Skegness in 2014 for Sykes may hold him back, but a second place in the last final here shows the car can go. Quick and aggressive, Sykes is my tip as a dark horse at the end.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

575 Darren Cottrill (Outside Row 2) from Hallow, Worcestershire 

Cottrill will be the first to admit he would still want Skegness to be shale; he is hungry for the gold and came so close in 2013. Tarmac is not his favoured surface and will be praying for a wet race. It was a number of years before Cottrill raced Skegness before this year, when he attended the August meeting, only to need a diff change after heat 1, blow a gearbox in heat 2 and then blow another in the final. He will be relying heavily on a chaotic race and his experience to see him through to a good result; an 8th place his only result around Skegness.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

Row 3 inside and out – Overseas 

We hope to have two foreign entrants into the grid; with one confirmed; Rebecca Barr (NZ34p) from Hawera, Taranaki New Zealand is a seeded foreign entrant and she is no slouch either; NZ Under23’s Stockcar champs 3rd place, the youngest Female racing a Superstock in NZ History and she was the first female to win a feature race at Palmerston North Speedway – the Craig Heibner Memorial. She has some great racing pedigree behind her; with F1 fans familiar with her Dad. Barr raced Buxton a couple of weeks ago and earned a 9th and a 4th for her credit. We hope to have a second, but at the time of writing this is not confirmed.

211 Phoebe Wainman (Inside Row 4) from Silsden, West Yorkshire

Probably the driver a lot of fans will be most eager to see how goes; despite being in only her third year of senior racing, Wainman has had a great year; making and maintaining Superstar plus the first ever lady in the formula to lead the National Points. A problematic Summer saw Wainman slip back, but she has started to regain the form which took her to the top at the start of the year. In 2013 Phoebe started the WF on row 13; starting row 4 this year gives you a good clue as to how she has come on this season. A heat place 4th her best result around Skegness, but consistent top ten results every visit.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

117 Rob Scriven (Outside Row 4) from Lechlade, Gloucestershire 

Scriven needs no introduction, A former F1 Star driver, Rob keeps his racing to the V8’s. Not afraid to mix it, Scriven’s season has been a lot better than recent years and has maintained red all season. Scriven is very capable of making an impact on the race, but he may have preferred a shale race this year having had better results on the loose. A 5th place his best finish around Skegness, but like Wainman on the inside, has had consistent top tens all year.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

12 Michael Scriven (Inside Row 5) from Fairford, Gloucestershire

One of two BriSCA F1 drivers to make the grid; Scriven will, like his Dad, need no introduction. Scriven has dabbled a few times in V8’s the last few years with some success; coming second in the British Championship earlier this year after a race long battle with eventual winner Stuchbury. Scriven has only raced tarmac once this year in V8’s ,at Northampton in March winning two heats and Final that day. If he finds that form in the big race, he may be in with a shot!

Skegness 2014 wins: None

298 Tom Spencer (Outside Row 5) from Atherstone, Warwickshire

Spencer has had a steady year and will prefer the race on tarmac. Spencer has the ability and the car to make an impact on the race, but may struggle from the outside.  A race win on tarmac at Northampton in March is his best result on the hard stuff this year and a second place at Skegness is his best Skegness form; along with others he is a consistent top ten scorer. He should finish in the top ten.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

157 Adam Joyce (Inside Row 6) from Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

Joyce came to V8’s at the start of 2014 and an instantly took to the formula; a former Rebels and F2 racer, he has a wealth of racing experience and success behind him. Quick and very aggressive, despite being a bit further down the order than he would like, could still make a big impact on the result. Joyce holds the record for the most race wins around Skegness in 2014 with no less than 6 to his credit. He could be close at the end; particularly if there is a caution.

Skegness 2014 wins: Heats X4, Finals X2

450 Sam Mee (Outside Row 6) from Coalville, Leicestershire

Mee has mostly this year stuck to shale racing and his shale form is impressive. If it’s not a wet race, he will probably struggle. A 7th place at Birmingham is his best tarmac result; but a final winner on shale. Mee might surprise on the night; he can be aggressive when he wants to be.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

355 Bryan Andrew (Inside Row 7) from Glossop, Derbyshire 

For the past 25 years Bryan has been part of the V8 ranks. A very quick driver on his day, Andrew so far has not been able to capture the Gold, turn the clocks back to 2010 and Andrew was lying second in the big race and closing in on first position until a back marker ruined his chance of making a challenge, skip forward to 2012 and it was almost a carbon copy. Andrew was catching but lost out when a back marker crossed his path. Andrew has recently acquired a new tarmac machine which took him to a second place in the Final of his last meeting, a race winner on tarmac this year, but a 6th around Skegness his best result. Very capable of a top ten finish.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

26 Hayley Williams (Outside Row 7) from Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire

It’s hard to believe that Williams makes her V8 Hotstox World Final debut after narrowly missing out in 2013; in just her second season, Williams has made history by becoming the first women to win a feature final race in the formula and has got herself upto red grade. Williams will just be enjoying the occasion, but she could feature in the top ten at the end. With four race wins to her credit this year; including two heats around Skegness, she has the ability to mix it well.

Skegness 2014 wins: Heats X2

328 Michael Boswell (Inside Row 8) from Shipston-on-stour, Warwickshire

Boswell debuted a stunning new car for the start of 2014 and it’s a proven race winner on shale with two final wins; but on tarmac it’s best result is a third in the last Skegness meeting final in August. It looks and sounds great, hopefully should do well in the big race.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

222 Guy Jolly (Outside Row 8) from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Jolly is another who is a proven race winner on shale; but hasn’t got the form on tarmac in 2014 with reliability issues holding Jolly back. Jolly’s best result around Skegness is a 3rd place in May. This is Jolly’s 6th World Final he hasn’t had the fortune in the big race; Team Meerkat are an ever present force at meetings and deserve some good luck.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

275 Terry Hawkins (Inside Row 9) from Towcester, Northamptonshire 

Terry debuted a stunning new car for 2014 and is a very capable driver, but he may struggle from this place to make too much of an impression on the race. Hawkins has won a final on shale this year and a GN on tarmac. He will be looking to round off a steady year with a good result. Hawkins has had a consistent year at Skegness; a Grand National win in May beating his brother Karl his best finish.

Skegness 2014 wins:  Grand National

227 Sam Wainwright (Outside Row 9) from Congleton, Cheshire 

Wainwright will be very pleased to be starting this high up the grid, but is mostly a shale racer and that’s where he has his best results. Engine woes saw Wainwright miss much of the mid season too. An 8th place at Birmingham the best result on the hard stuff in 2014 and having not raced at Skegness before will hold him back.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

433 Stephen Lilley (Inside Row 10) from Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Lilley is another who would prefer a shale race and has limited tarmac form in 2014; a heat 6th place his best result on tar. Lilley had a good start to the year winning the final at Sheffield in May, but has slightly dipped of late; Lilley will be hoping for a good result to turn his season back around.

Skegness 2014 wins: None.

423 Gary Jackson (Outside Row 10) from Chester, Cheshire

Jackson makes his World Final debut in his first full season; a previous racer of sidecar speedway, Jackson has a good racing background and has been a great addition to the V8’s since joining in September last year. Jackson I’m sure will be savouring the occasion and could well spring a surprise with a top ten result. Jackson’s best results come on shale, a 6th place on tarmac his best result, but will be held back by the fact he has not raced around Skegness.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

478 Shane Geary (Inside Row 11) from Corby, Northamptonshire 

Geary has been missing since August due to engine problems so will be hoping for a good result to turn his season around. Skegness is Geary’s best track with consistent top ten’s all year; 3rd place his best result. He might struggle from this position, but he will be giving it his all.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

96 Glyn Daft (Outside Row 11) from Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire

Daft needs little introduction; a Stock Car legend. Daft has been part of Stock Car racing for over 40 years. Not shy of getting stuck in and using the front bumper to good effect, Daft could add some spice to the event particularly from his starting position. Watch the bumpers fly from 96 as he works his way forward. Daft had good form at Skegness in his only visit to the track this year picking up a final win for his efforts with two heat seconds and a 9th in the GN from the handicap. A top ten is well within his grasp.

Skegness 2014 wins: Final

112 Jamie Marson (Inside Row 12) from Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire

Marson’s season tailed off after a great start but he makes the grid after a season of mechanical problems. Marson has been amongst the V8 formula for a number of years and very capable on his day if everything clicks; he has mentioned he will be moving to Australia soon; so hopefully he has a good WF result to finish on. Two race wins at Birmingham to his credit.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

375 Lloyd Spencer (Outside Row 12) from Towcester, Northamptonshire

Spencer prefers the shale surface with 5 wins coming on the loose, Spencer will likely be using the Karl Hawkins spare car for the big race; which should serve him better than his own car. A 10th place is his best result around Skegness, but the use of a borrowed car at Buxton a few weeks ago took him to better results.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

137 Sam Jacklin (Inside Row 13) from Manchester

Jacklin makes his WF debut in his first season of V8’s. A Final win at Coventry ensured his grid position and then finished a Buxton Grand national in 3rd position. Jacklin has no experience around Skegness in a V8, he will likely just be savouring the occasion.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

439 Jay Kellett (Outside Row 13) from Preston, Lancashire

Kellett is no stranger to V8 World Finals having been apart of the formula for the last ten years or so; the last time the big race was held at Skegness, Kellet started foruth row inside; now favouring the shale surface, Kellett will just enjoy the occasion having missed much of the season. No Skegness form and just the one trip to a tarmac venue which saw a nil score.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

160 Nick Blach (Inside Row 14) from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

A tarmac only racer; Blach should feature well if he keeps out of trouble. Blach’s best result is a second around Northampton, but has no form around Skegness in 2014. A 9th place in the Buxton European Title will be the highlight of Blach’s year so far.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

314 Steve Bowman (Outside Row 14) from Linden Village, Buckinghamshire

Bowman is a born entertainer & multiple winner of the Entertainer of the year award, he will give as good as he gets fighting for every place he can. Bowman has curtailed his racing this year in favour of Son Shauns career, but Shaun unable to grid benefited Father Steve allowing him onto the grid. Bowman will just be glad to be on the grid, but the car is more designed for shale – unless it’s a wet race then that car will fly!

Skegness 2014 wins: None

319 Sam Wallwork (Inside Row 15) from Rochdale, Lancashire

Wallwork is a World Final race debutant and will be over the moon to make the grid. His best results have come on shale although a 10th place at Birmingham to his credit.  No Skegness form in 2014.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

497 Marc Holmes (Outside Row 15) from Wallingford, Oxon

Holmes has missed much of the racing since the start of the Summer so does well to make the grid. Holmes has better results on shale, but three top ten’s around Skegness at the May fixture to his credit. An 8th place his best tarmac result. Holmes is a hard and aggressive driver who fights for each place and is difficult to pass, one to watch.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

151 Steph Seddon (Inside Row 16) from Bolton, Manchester

The row see’s two debutant’s; Seddon in her first year will be over the moon to make the grid. She has picked up places whilst others fall around her and improves all the time. Seddon rounds off the grid with no less than 4 women on it.

Skegness 2014 wins: None

376 Matthew Young (Outside Row 16) from Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester

The last entrant and another debutant, Young has mainly focused on tarmac racing. Young sneeks onto the grid scoring at the final WQ round at Buxton a few years ago. He like so many others; will just relish the chance at being on the grid. A problematic year has held him back.

Skegness 2014 form: None

World/ National Champion Roll of Honour

1984 – Pete Clinch (3)

1985 – Pete Clinch (3)

1986 – Paul Lomax (69)

1987 – Paul Lomax (69)

1988 – Pete Morris (96)

1989 – Andy Hodgson (272)

1990 – Richard Ainsworth (354)

1991 – Andy Smith (391)

1992 – Jon Eaton (61)

1993 – Ray Witts (180)

1994 – Mick Rogers (244)

1995 – Andy Turner (488)

1996 – Andy Turner (488)

1997 – Mick Rogers (244)

1998 – Marty Page (594)

1999 – Mick Rogers (244)

2000 – Mick Rogers (244)

2001 – Stuart Smith JNR (391)

2002 – Mick Rogers (244)

2003 – Mick Rogers (244)

2004 – Mick Rogers (244)

2005 – Chris Fort (213)

2006 – Chris Fort (213)

2007 – Kevin Stuchbury (131)

2008 – Kevin Stuchbury (131)

2009 – Chris Fort (3)

2010 – Chris Bracher (473)

2011 – Chris Bracher (1)

2012 – Chris Bracher (1)

2013 – Chris Bracher (1)