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The Hotstox return to Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield after a year's hiatus. Described as a man's track, I think the girls might have something to say about that!
The annual midweek Skegness meeting in front of a stadium full of funcoast tourists!
An unusually late first visit of the season to the picturesque Peak District as Buxton Raceway plays host to the V8 Hotstox with World Qualifying points available.
The fourth visit to Coventry Stadium for 2016 for more sideways action at the Brandon Bowl.
The 2nd visit to Northampton for 2016 and an epic date it is indeed - The World Masters

Recent Meeting Reports

Mid-Season Round up
The following is a meeting summary from the end of May to the start of July.

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Preview: European Championship
The formula makes it only visit of the year to Kings Lynn and the European Championship is up for grabs; along with WQ points too. With 34 cars looking to take the red and yellow checkers it will be a fast and frantic affair.

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We've not long to wait until the next V8 Hotstox action. 30+ cars are scheduled racing for WQ points alongside the F1 Semi Final meeting. Sunday 31st July 12:30 start time in Sheffield! See you there! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago  ·  

I would like to say Thank you to Cllr Michael Stokes and All that have been fighting for COVENTRY STADIUM on behalf of the Oval motor sport users.

Cllr Michael Stokes
1 hr ·
Coventry Bees have been offered a new lease on Brandon Stadium, thanks to last ditch talks coordinated by Rugby Borough Council.

The Coventry Bees speedway team had been facing their last season at the stadium after it had been sold for development. But after Cllr Michael Stokes, Leader of Rugby Borough Council, opened talks between the Bees and Agents acting for the new landowners, the owners have offered the Bees a new lease to allow the team to continue competing next season while they search a new site.

The new lease would run for one year from 1 January 2017, with the possibility of a further two years subject to conditions. The lease would allow Coventry Bees, junior race meetings and stock car or banger racing meetings. Additional events would be subject to individual agreement.

David Hargreaves, of FHP Property Consultants, acting on behalf of the stadium owners, said: “The pragmatic approach taken by Cllr Stokes has convinced the owners that a further period of time should be provided for the speedway team to find an alternative venue.

“There is no doubt that this deal would not have been possible without the involvement of the borough council.”

Cllr Michael Stokes, Leader of Rugby Borough Council, said: “It is clear that the situation the Bees and the other stadium users find themselves in is not ideal, but the lease that has been offered to them is a good compromise that will allow speedway and stock car racing to continue at Brandon for at least another year.

“I would like to thank FHP for their efforts in brokering this agreement, and for the time and trouble that they have gone to in putting this offer together.

“Additionally I would like to thank Mick Horton of the Coventry Bees for part he has played in allowing this offer to be made.

“After meeting fans groups earlier this year and hearing their concerns first hand, I am delighted to have been able to bring all of the interested parties together to allow an offer to be made.”

Mick Horton, of Coventry Speedway, said: “While the long-term future of the Coventry Bees is still a concern, there can be no doubt that this offer has given the speedway team some security in the short-term.

“Our next home fixtures against Leicester, Lakeside and Kings Lynn had looked like being our last. Now, however, our fans can support the team knowing that there is an offer on the table that will allow another full season at Brandon Stadium.”
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3 days ago  ·  

Apologies for the lack of Meeting Report updates; a mid season round up is now online, if you have any photos from our last meetings to share for use on our website, please let us know. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago  ·  

Another great evening of racing at Kings Lynn last night, the lower graders certainly making it hard work for the top drivers throughout the evening. Special mention to Jedd Stirk (465) picking up his maiden victory in the formula and his excellent 2nd place in the main race. A big well done to Kevin Stuchbury (1) lifting the title in the main race- winning his first feature final since 6th August 2015. The main race was a chaotic, frantic 20 laps, which saw almost half field wiped out in the first 5 laps.
Results round up:
Heat 1: 352 465 469 157 275 328 414 1 182 242
Heat 2: 469 288 450 275 409 478 423 328 333 498
Heat 3: 465 69 1 222 414 154 450 288 498 211
European C’ship Final: 1 465 157 450 211 352 64 275 409 328

Next meeting: Sheffield 31st July @ 12pm – WQ Round
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4 days ago  ·  

European final result: 1 465 157 450 211 352 64 275 409 328. Great, chaotic race!! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago  ·  

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